Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday & Friday Stuff. Fun bike intervals!

Just had a really good feeling workout. The kind where when you're done, you just feel alive and ready to tackle anything! Today was back to lighter weights and I just did a mish-mash of stuff revolving around legs, but hitting the shoulders and chest too.

Clean & Press
45x10x3 w/ crunches 10x3

115x10x3 w/bicycles 20x3

Plate Swings (i could really use some db's here, but making do!)
10's x 10 x 3 w/4 position hip flexor stretches

Walking Lunges w/Lat Raises at bottom of lunge (did I mention I could really use some db's??)
10's x 8 x 2
5's x 8
w/ Plate side bends 10's x 10 x 3

Then onto Blaster Burpee Biking Intervals. Yes, here comes another bizarre form of intervals from me. It consists of biking, Mahler Body Blasters, & 6 count Burpees. The biking part is your "rest" period.
Minutes 1-5 Warmup
Minute 6 = Mahler Body Blasters
Minute 7 = Biking
Minute 8 = Burpees
Minute 9 = Biking
Minute 10 = Mahler Body Blasters
Minute 11 = Biking
Minute 12 = Burpees
Minute 13 = Biking
Minute 14 = Mahler Body Blasters
Minute 15 = Biking
Minute 16 = Burpees
Minute 17 = Biking
Minute 18 = Mahler Body Blasters
Minute 19 = Biking
Minute 20 = Burpees
Minutes 21-25 cool down biking
I did between 8-10 reps of blasters and burpees each set. So at about 9/set that's about 72 pushups and 72 squats added into the mix.

Then I did 5 minutes of hip flexor stretches since I just did the worst thing in the world for tight hip flexors - riding the bike.

Yesterday was Back day and it was short and sweet since I had to get out and paint the house.
Lat Pulls 55x6, 65x6x2
Reverse Grip Lat Pulls 55x6, 65x6x2
Bent Over BB rows 45x8, 65x6, 85x4
90 minutes of house painting and climbing up and down the ladder
And 20 mintues of pilates in the evening.

Recap of 4 weeks:
I'm feeling good and consistent with the lifting workouts, so on to the next phase. I'm the same weight or actually even slightly higher because I've been lifting, but haven't messed with the diet yet. I can feel my quads getting harder though so it is working. This next week I start the cleaner eating phase and I am certain that in the next 4 weeks I'll see some great changes if I can stick to that part of things. I'm looking for a 6lb loss in the next 4 weeks. I will also be adding in some cardio to my workouts at this point, but not alot yet. We'll save that for the end of the challenge. What challenge? LOL, well two of them. The 10 week Super Star Success challenge over at the BuffMother Rally Room. And the 12 week challenge over at the Strong Woman Training Room. I need all of the motivation and encouragement I can get to make this happen!

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