Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Legs! Quad dominant

Leg day! It has always been my favorite day when I'm on a workout split. I'm not sure exactly why, except that I feel very strong on a leg day. I think I was extra excited to get started because with the new bench setup I can do a little extra on legs. Before I had the rack I could only squat what I was able to shoulder press in order to get it from the floor to over my head to on my shoulders. AND more importantly I had to be able to get it OFF my shoulders and over my head and back to the floor. That was always the hard part. I was pretty much limited to 60lbs.

Today's Legs:
55 x 10
85 x 10
105 x 10

85 x 10
*Got out the Step so I could get a deeper squat with these new larger weight plates*
105 x 10 x 2

105 x 5 x 5
I think I should go lower next time. I was having grip problems

Ext's - testing the waters. Haven't done these in years!
30 x 10
55 x 10
65 x 10 - I can start at 65 next time

Walking Lunges
10's x 10 x 3

That was all, time was up! My goal in a workout is to go no more than 30 minutes. If it doesn't get done by 30 minutes it doesn't get done at all. That's why I'll be starting with all of the bigger moves and saving things like ext's till the end. The lunges I like to do after I've done my other moves and it totally kills the whole time LOL. Oh, I did throw a few abs in here and there, but nothing special.

I'm fortunate to be the right height to be able to use the bench rack as a loader for squats too. I just fit down into that little spot to get it on my shoulders. I have to start from the bottom of the squat, but that is ok. One thing I found out. You cannot load that bar from empty while it is on the rack. If you put a 25 lb plate on one side the other side will fly right up and try to knock you out LOL. That bar just does not weigh enough (it's like 3lbs total). I may look into getting another standard bar that is heavier. I just load up 50lbs on the floor then put it on the rack. The rest can be loaded without trouble.

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