Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Starting Over - 2009

Here I am, starting over on my fitness journey (like so many others!). And while I'm not starting from as bad a place as my original beginning (in 2006), it's still another start. A fresh start! I can do this. Why blog here? I don't know. I just need more blogging outlets than I already have? LOL. What, a garden blog, and adventure blog, Facebook, and the BuffMother Rally Room, and sometimes BodySpace, isn't enough? hehehe. I guess I felt that if I put myself out here for more people to see what I'm doing, that I'd feel more motivated, accountable and compelled to actually reach my goals.

So let's recap. Here I am in January of 2006 when I bought the e-book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I really thought that would be a waste of money. I was wrong.

BEGINNING - 2006: I weigh 129 at this point.

Here I am in 2007: Weight is 120 (muscle rocks!)

Here's 2008. Weight is 126

And here we are in 2009. Weight is back to 129.
Ok, now that I have the photos up here are a few things to mention.
1. In June 2006 I found the BuffMother Rally Room and began to lift heavy. It pays off! As a woman, you just cannot bulk up like a man. Don't be afraid to lift heavy and build muscle.
2. What happened in 2008? Well, let's see. My anxiety attacks came back, depression set in, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, my husband lost his job due to the horrible economy. 2008 was not a good year. But it is done and over! And God is good and He was (and is) with me through every moment. No desire to workout and eat good through that year though.
3. 2009 - Tentatively reaching to see how things go. And now?? I am ready to start again.
4. The hardest thing will be pushing past my fear. My fear of failing. My fear that something will set off the anxiety attacks and depression again. I cannot be afraid. I have to push past it and continue forward.
5. See the first pic and the last? I weigh the same amount on the scale. Build muscles girls!! You will not regret having a faster metabolism and a lean shape.
6. I got in this shape from solely working out at home. I never set foot in a gym. I just like it that way. Nothing wrong with the gym, but if you think you can't get in good shape at home - you can!!

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