Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend Catchup

Well the activity I thought I'd get this weekend didn't happen. The most I did was yardwork and walking the dog. Oh well, maybe next time.

Yesterday was chest day. I did my first chest workout on the new equipment and it was terrible. Very unstable. Rack too narrow so that I had to do a very narrow grip bp. The way the seat inclined I couldn't even get the barbell out of the rack for incline presses. I decided that piece of equipment had better go back!

Here's what I ended up getting done.

BP 55x8x2, 75x4, 65x8 w/ knee ups between sets 20x3

Inc Flyes 10's x 10 x 3 w/ crunches between sets 15x3

Pushups 15x3 w/ bicycles between sets 20x3

Tried to do inc presses, messed with bench settings, etc., finally decided to just be done and move on!

Then I scoured the internet for some good used gym equipment. Found this great deal!!

Bench, rack, lat & row pulley, 430 lbs of weights, oly bar, curl bar, leg developer attachment. Sweet deal! And very nicely taken care of by the previous owners. Fits just right between the elliptical and rbike. I'll get a leg workout done on it later today - hurray! Catcha later!

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