Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's WO - back and some shoulders

It's a busy day, but just the perfect amount of busy. I squeezed in my 20 minute workout today. I love that I have put a time limit on my workouts - I have no excuse to not fit it in.

Lat Pulls 50x8x3 w/ Ab flutterkicks 30x3
Cable Rows 50x8x3 w/ scissorkicks 20x3
BB bent over rows 35x10x3 w/ jump twists
Upright Rows 35x8x3 w/cats
Lat Raises 10's x 10 - time up!

I see that I tend to be able to fit in 4 lifting exercises and 4 ab exercises, 3 sets of each, during a 20 minute workout. Once I have my new equipment all figured out I will be a little faster and putting on weights and knowing how well each thing works. Might be able to hit 5.

I'm baking bread today so I'm off to get more things done!

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