Monday, August 9, 2010

The BuffMother "30 Day Get Buff" Contest

The 30 Day Get Buff Contest Starts today! Head on over to the BuffMother website and sign up there. The contest takes place in the paid only portion of the Rally Room, but there is a 30 day free trial - perfect for this challenge!

Basic Contest INFO-

This contest is FREE!!!

TEAM start date Aug 9th, 2010 (you can start late- just sign up and follow the plan on your own)

Location of the Contest is in our "Women Only" Team Buffmother! Rally Room- you can join FREE using the "30 day free trial" option

Daily workout plan- a link will be e-mailed to you daily, however, you can opt to do your own alternate workouts

Support, info, instruction, videos and downloads will be available to contestants via the Rally Room.

4 Simple steps to enter and WIN:

1. Take your starting stats (pictures optional)

2. Blog in the Rally Room at least 3 times during the duration of the Challenge

3. Take your ending stats

4. Submit your entry to by Sept 25th- Entry= starting stats, final stats, a written paragraph sharing your thought about the contest, and at least photo of yourself.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chest/Tri's & Grapes

I didn't sleep very much last night. Ted was the on call tech and so calls were coming in quite a bit. When I woke up I did not want to do my pilates. I was tired!! But I did it anyway. It's a great relaxed pilates workout dvd - Caribbean Workout. I love the music in the background.

Then we went grape picking. The ones that we ended up liking weren't quite ripe yet so we'll have to go back in a few weeks. But it was fun to walk through and taste them, even if I did get covered in spider lines that were going across from one set of vines to the other.

After that we went swimming. It felt really good after walking around in the heat.

Came home, took a nice nap, then onto the workout.

Chest/Tri's, Pre-exhaust supersets
+ Abs, & SS cardio

warmup rbike 10 min

DB Flyes - 15's x 20 x 3
w/ BP - 45x10x3
w/ Abs 10x3

RB Flyes - Blue & Yellow x 20 x 3
w/ DBBP - 20's x 10 x 3
w/ abs

Pushups 10x3 (knees)
w/ Abs 10x3

Tri Pushdowns - 25x10x3
w/ abs 10x3

Tri Kickbacks - 15's x 10 x 3
w/ abs 10x3

Elliptical 30 minutes

Walk dog 20 minutes

Eats were good. A little low on greens, but all still in line with the numbers I'm looking for. Yay!

Have a great night :)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Leg Day & Lazy Day

Got most of my leg workout done this morning. Going to finish up tonight with some calves, also a teeny tiny bit of shoulder work, and ss cardio. I also realized today that is has been FOREVER since I did pilates and I miss it. So starting tomorrow I am doing pilates first thing in the morning. It will be a great start to my days.
Today was quad work. PreExhaust supersets.
Leg exts - 65x20x3
w/ Squats - 95x10x3
w/abs after each superset

Leg Exts (toes out) 65x20x3
w/ Squats (feet together) 95x10x3
w/abs after each superset

Walking Lunges - 20's x 10 x 3
w/ KB Swings - 25x10x3
w/abs after each superset

These supersets are really working me hard. Both the pre-exhaust and the post-exhaust.

Jake wanted to be lazy today. That's too many days in a row.  He's really into working in PhotoShop and making avatars and signatures for the Wizard101 Central forums. So he's been totally focused on that for days. I've at least challenged him to some Wii competition this afternoon :)

Tomorrow we're going grape picking! That is going to be so much fun. I've gone orange, grapefruit, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry picking, but this will be a first time for grapes. They have 40 different varieties!! Can't wait to taste test :)  Then some swimming probably after since it will be hot. And later in the week some bowling, to the movies, and maybe to the park.

I made my bracelet for the competition. I'm still undecided how I want to go with the earring design. Here's a pic of my bracelet, and my itty bitty suit. :) You don't realize how tiny they are until you put one on and you're hanging out all over the place hahaha.  Pic doesn't show how sparkly the bracelet really is though.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Workout Stuff :)

Wed 7/28
This morning was back/shoulders/bi's. I'm a little shaky right now so typing is taking forever since I have to fix typos.

Post Exhaust Supersets

RB Rev Flyes
Blue x 20 x 3

Lat Pulls
Cable Rows

Mil BB Press
RB Lat Raises
Blue x 20 x 3

BB Bi Curls
Bi Curls
10's x 20 x 2 (various styles)

My legs are toast today after yesterday's workout. I can't believe I'm feeling it so much in my inner thighs and glutes. I was trying to work quads! LOL. I guess the high rep exts really took it out of me and I had to use those other muscles during my squats and deadlifts. Anyhow, its all good.

The beginner line at the wakeboarding place was broken so we didn't get to do that yesteday. We'll try again next week. Came back and swam a little, then a bit of a walk last night. It felt good to stretch out my legs because they were already sore. I didn't finish my part 2 of my workout. Today I need to remember my glutamine!

Thanks again for all of the support you all gave in my blog yesterday. You can't begin to know how much it means to me.


Friday 7/30
Yesterday was cardio only day. It was actually "off" day all around, but around 9pm I decided to get some cardio in. 40 min on the elliptical.

Today was chest/tri's & cardio. CD2 so I skipped abs and will get them maybe tomorrow. Started buffing today, a few days early.
Pre-exhaust supersets
RB Flyes - blue/yellow x 20 x 3
BP - 55x10x3

RB Single Arm Fly
Yellow x 15 x 3 ea arm
DB Press - 20's x 10 x 3

Tri Pushdowns 25x10x3

Tri Kickbacks 15's x 10 x 3

Ellip 30 min ss

I also got a massage this morning which felt great. It is nice to be able to turn my neck a bit again LOL. After the workout I got some weeding done in the garden. It needs it bad.

Tonight I'm practicing with some tanner. It looks terrible right now, we'll see how it is in the morning. The directionsn stated it didn't run or streak but it slid right down my body immediately and did every time Ted stopped the sprayer then started up again. We'll see tomorrow.

Ok, gonna go post eats - they were good. Down 1.2 pounds this week even though I was trying to boost and gain. Just vacation junk weight though.

Monday 8/2/10
Hoping to make the most of this coming week. It's great that every day is new to make good choices.

I did super over the weekend. No cheats or treats. The eats challenge was so good for me to do. It really helped me stay focused.

Today was Back/Shoulders/Bi's & Intervals. Oops, I just realized I totally spaced doing abs.
Pre-Exhaust supersets - AM

Rev Flyes - Blue x 20 x 3
w/ BOBBR - 55x10x3

DB Rows - 15's x 15 x 3
w/ Lat Pulls 45x10x3

RB Lat Raises - Blue x 10, then set of RB bi curls blue x 10, then 5 more Lat Raises.
w/ DB Shoulder Press - 15's x 10 x 3

Then in the evening.
Run/walk Intervals. 8 sprints, total distance of 2 miles.

When I got home did:
Bi Curls - 15's x 10 x 3
w/ RB Bi - Curls Blue x 10 x 3

Hammer Curls - 15's x 8 x 3
w/ RB Front Raises - Blue x 8 x 3

Since I forgot abs I'll do some vacuums, supermans and cats. I'm already showered so I don't want to do anything sweaty.

Saturday I did legs - hams/glutes. And some ss cardio.

Today I let myself have a lindt for doing so good and that will be my treat for the week. Otherwise it is clean and low cals for me.

Did some more weeding of the jungle (garden). I found some carrots growing in Jake's box LOL. And I got a bit of grocery shopping done. Otherwise it was mostly work and researching the search problem we've been having for....oh about a year LOL. I might have a solution, we'll see what else I can find. And working on a bit of jewelry too.

Have a super evening and a great week ahead!