Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's Super Duper Leg Circuit ~ The Remix

Here's my new super duper leg circuit. It's a shorter version of my old circuit, meant to squish in under 30 minutes. I wasn't sure how long it would take so I just pushed through as efficiently as I could. I had extra time today so planned to let myself go past 30 minutes if I needed to. Setup & cleanup take a few minutes as well. Here's how it went!

Exercises all in a row. 1st circuit is 12 reps (for abs this means 12 reps each leg if doing things like bicycle, scissors, etc), 2nd circuit 10 reps, 3rd circuit 8 reps. Don't change the weight. Rest 2-3 minutes between circuits.

Squats @ 95 lbs
Walking lunges with 10's
Knee Ups
Leg Exts @ 75 lbs
Walking Lunges with 10's
Bicycle Abs
Deadlifts @ 105 lbs
Walking Lunges with 10's
Leg Curls @ 30 lbs
Stretch legs and rest. I took about 2 minutes to stretch, then reset my bench with the weights for the exts to start the next circuit.
So how long did it take?? 23:01 ! Yes. 23 minutes WITH the rests between sets. I was ON FIRE today!! It felt good. I really thought it had taken longer. Had some great Newsboys going, the GO Remix.

If you want to do this circuit, setup looks something like this:
Choose a weight that is slightly challenging, but not too intense. This is a light day and you will be struggling on circuit 3 if you set it too high.
Take your bench and set it 12 walking lunges away from your rack. For me this means the bench goes out to the family room and I do my lunges from the living room through the kitchen, into the family room. These are rather short stride lunges, but that's what you want for round one anyway. By the time you hit circuit 3 you will only be doing 8 lunges and you will take longer strides. That way you hit a good mix of stride lengths.
In your main room set up your bar with weight on the rack. Also set up another bar with weights for your DL's in that same room.
On your ext's & curls do the ext's first so you can just pop the extra weight off for your curls at the end of the circuit (if you are weak at leg curls like I am LOL).
Do your squats, then do your lunges out to the bench, do your ext's, then do your lunges back to the other room and do your DL's, then walking lunges back to the bench for your curls. Abs are after each set of walking lunges to give your legs a few seconds rest before starting the next leg exercise.
Have fun! I love this workout. It keeps things interesting. :)

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