Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Start - Workout One & Overcoming Obstacles.

Yesterday I did my first workout toward my new goal of losing 12 pounds in 12 weeks. It was a wimpy one as far as workouts go. One of the obstacles I'll be facing this time is equipment. I sold off almost all of my workout equipment last year when we needed the money. No more nice Smith Machine, no nice db set of 5's to 25's. No more power tower. No more treadmill. No more #300lb oly bar set. Ok, let's stop focusing on the "no mores".
Let's work on what I DO have.
I have a barbell with weights up to 100lbs. I can get another 10 pounds on it when I hang my ankle weights on the sides LOL. 110 max isn't very much, but it will have to do for now.
I can use the weights for some db exercises because they have holes cut in them that work good for handholds.
I still have my elliptical.
I still have my recumbent bike.
But I'm not concerned about cardio because I have legs and a sidewalk outside to run on. I have a bicycle to ride around the neighborhood. No, my concern is the weights and being able to get heavy enough to make it worthwhile.
So for now, I will work with what I have and make the most of it. And maybe check Craigslist and the used sporting goods store.

On to yesterday's first workout. In honor of the current Rally Room challenge of 40 Days to Fit, I started out with a little "40" theme. I would have only lifted 40lbs too, but I was too lazy to take off the extra 5 pounds. I am a lazy workout girl LOL. So I kept it all at 45lbs.

Here it is. All in a row with little to no rest between sets. After all, I'm on a buffing phase and won't start my heavy lifting phase until the end of next week. I can't wait!

Deadlifts (conventional) 45x40
Crunches 40
Bench Press 45x40
Bicycle Abs 40
Bent Over BB Rows 45x40
Knee Ups 40
Walking Lunges 40
Ab Adductor V's 40
Pushups 40
Ab Flutter Kicks 40

That was all. I guess it is as good a start as any. Definitely better than no start at all! Today is just cardio. Tomorrow I'll do back & shoulders. Friday will be legs. Saturday & Sunday will be active days and cardio. Then next week I'll start up on my old usual split - except I will be focusing on big compound movements this time around.

I also put in my order to for my protein powder. I haven't ordered in almost 2 years. I wonder if they are still as fast as always? I might get it tomorrow if they are still that efficient!
Catch ya later!

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