Sunday, September 5, 2010

So Far Behind!!!

Wow, I'm almost a month behind in posting my blogs here. Ok, well these next few posts will be more catch up posts.

8/6/10: All carb'd up, nowhere to go
That was me yesterday. I ate most of my carbs that morning knowing I'd be doing a longer cardio session, then we changed our plans for the day. So instead of 60 minutes of cardio it was to the bank; to the school; to the movies (Sorcerer's apprentice, fun!); to wal-mart; to the grocery store; to the video store. Too many errands!
So later yesterday evening I did 60 min elliptical while we watched a movie.
Today was back/shoulders/bi's. I did back this morning: Pre-exhaust supersets
warmup rbike 10 min
Bent over rev flyes 15's x 10
then resist band rev flyes blue x 10
w/ BOBBR's 50x10x3
w/ abs 10x3

Cable Rows 25x20; 35x20x2
w/ Lat Pulls 35x10, 55x10x2
w/ abs 10x3

Single Arm Rows
25x15, 12, 10
w/ abs 10x3

Then it was off to do sprints. I did 4 good sprints before I started feeling bad in my right foot. It was the feeling that said "you're about to get an avulsion fracture of the 5th metatarsal if you do one more sprint and you will be off your feet for almost 2 weeks" (yes my feelings are quite lengthy and wordy). So I walked the rest of the way home, which then took forever because I couldn't run LOL. And it is hot out there at noon!
Next I went out and weeded the garden for 10 minutes (did I mention the heat?)
Then it was off to pretend I was getting ready on comp morning so that took me a little over two hours to shower, shave, tan, hair, makeup, play with the bikini bite, pose for a while, etc.
Now I'm all pretty and tan and don't want to do the rest of my workout LOL. But it needs to be done. So I'll be heading off to do shoulders/bi's/(intervals -to make up for quitting earlier):
pre-exhaust shoulders
Lat raises __ x 20 x 3
w/ Mil BB Press 45x10x3

Front Raises ___ x 20 x 3
w/ DB Press 20's x 10 x 3

Bi Curls 15's x 10 x 3
Hammer Curls 15's x 10 x 3
Some extra bicep stuff with resistance bands.

Intervals on rbike.

OH, and JanTana FTW! The protan stuff sucked. I was barely tan, it splattered and ran down my body. The JanTana Ultra1 that you put on the morning of comp - it rocks. I am actually DARK right now. :)

8/7/10: No rest for the booty
My poor glutes have been sore since last Saturday! They just can't catch a break. Last Saturday was glutes/hams, then Monday they got killed with sprints, Tuesday was quads but squats always work those glutes, Thursday was walking lunges with a glute focus, and just when they thought they might recover it was more sprints on Friday, and today was hams/glutes again.

So, I worked my posterior chain today - I can already feel it so will I be mobile tomorrow? Lower back got some great work in too during the good mornings and cable pull throughs.

More pre-exhaust supersets: Glutes/Hams

Leg Curls 15 x 20 x 3
w/ Good Mornings 95x10x3
w/ Calves 20x3
w/ Abs 10x3

Cable Pull Thru's - 25x20x3
w/ RDL's 95x10x3
w/ Calves 20x3
w/ Abs 10x3

Booty Bulgarians - 15's x 5 x 3 ea leg
w/ Calves 20x3
w/ Abs 10x3

Yesterday I did not get in my other set of intervals to makeup for my lack of full sprints. And this morning I forgot to do my fasted cardio. Oops! Although I have been doing my pilates every morning. So tonight I'm thinking some intervals, then add some SS. But I'm feeling SO super lazy I can't make any promises on that.

Today was domestic day- laundry, dishes, Jake made yogurt, I made bread.

Eats are good! They've been good all week. Since today was legs it is my favorite day because... more carbs! That way I was actually able to eat a piece of the bread I made :)

Weight is good. I started the week Monday at 123.0 and today I was 121.6. Not sure how I'll end the week tomorrow because I tend to weigh a bit more after leg day. So I might go up. But it will drop right back down so it's all good.

Ok, was going to list eats this week but this post is getting long. Have a great evening!


8/9/10: RR is on fire today!
Wow, it is crazy busy in here today - lots of fun!

I am in the contest, but have a different workout schedule setup, so I'll be following along to my own little tune LOL.

Starting the week off GREAT! Today was chest/tri's/cardio/abs. I'm working twice as hard this week so lets hope I make it to Sunday :) . Weight is 122.0, looking to be in the 120.x range by Sunday.

AM fasted -
Pilates 20 min
Rbike 40 minutes, easy pace

Later AM - PreExhaust Supersets

DB Flyes - 15's x 20 x 3
w/ BP - 55x10x3

Resist Band Flyes - Blue & Yellow x 20 x3
w/ DBBP - 20's x 10 x 3

Around the Worlds - 5's x 10 x 3
w/ Pullovers 10 x 10 x 3

Then this evening I finished up with:

Tri Pushdowns - 25x10x3
w/ abs 10x3

Tri Exts - 20 x 10 x 3
w/ abs 10x3

Tri Kickbacks 15's x 10 x 3
w/ abs 10x3

Light Lat Raises - bluex10x2

And sprints outside. 8 sprints, total distance 2miles.

Eats were great at dinner out last night. Salad w/chicken, very little dressing. Saved up my carbs so I could have the croissant that comes with it :) . There must have been about 10 cups of mixed greens in that salad. I had the 2nd half at home as late night snack. Totally passed up the cake and appetizers. Today is great also. In fact it has been a perfect week of eats.

Hope you all are having a spectacular start to your week!


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