Sunday, September 5, 2010

More August CatchUp

8/10/10: Legs, Legs, Legs
Got them done! I did my pilates this morning, but no extra am cardio today - yay! I'll do a little ss elliptical tonight.

Leg workout - PreExhaust SuperSets

Leg Ext's - 70x20x3
Squats (feet together) 115x10x3

Let Exts (toes out) - 70x20x3
Deadlifts - 135x8x3

Triple Burnout Circuit:
KB Swings 25x10
Step Ups 15's x 10
Walking Lunges 15's x 10
3 times through
Legs were TOAST!

Eats are great. I got to have my little lindt truffle cheat today - one a week! LOL. Lots of greens going down today.

I ordered a new comp suit. The other one was too small up top. I can't remember if I wrote this already? LOL. Anyway, it should be shipping out tomorrow, and is for my measurements instead of just guessing. I still got it through diva exchange for a great price. I'm only putting a few stones on it for a little extra bling, but not much.

Oh, and i ordered a GREAT video. If you are doing a comp for NPC and have never done one, I highly recommend it. It's called What Judges Are Looking For in Figure, Bikini, Women's Bodybuilding & Fitness, 2010. Lots of things like - don't try to flare out your arms on front pose - if you don't have the Vtaper they know it and you're not fooling them. And good stuff like that.

Ok, off to play some games and eat. It's a dreary rainy day. It's supposed to be that way the rest of the week. And I have to stay home for some package that's coming tomorrow, but only have to wait between the hours of 7am to 8pm - how nice of them to narrow it down like that. So convenient for me. LOL

Have a good one,


8/12/10: Summer Bowling Party
Today we had a summer party at the bowling alley. We invited all of Jake's class and about half could make it so that was fun. We did about 2 hours of that. Then we played some pool until all of the kids were picked up. It was a fun morning. I did not eat any of the pizza. I did however end up going a long time without food because I never had a chance to get out to the car to grab my salad. I was STARVING!!

I'm glad it was just cardio day because I didn't have to try to fit in a weight workout somewhere in there. Did 30 min on the rbike this morning and will do a walk through the neighborhood tonight. I keep pulling my groin muscle slightly every time we go bowling. I'm not sure why because I haven't changed my bowling style in 20 years. But I'm going to have to stay away for the next few weeks. i can't be down and out of commission at this time.

Yesterday was back/shoulders/bi's/cardio/some abs

AM - Pilates
40 min Ellip
BOBBR - 45x10, 65x10x3
Cable Rows - 45x12x3
Lat Pulls - 45x10, 55x10x2
Rev Flyes - 15's x 10 x 3
Single Arm Bent Over Rows - 25x6x3

PM -
DB Shoulder Press 20's x 8 x 4
Lat Raises 15's x 8 x 4
Front Raises 20 x 8 x 4
Bi Curls 20's x 5 then 15's x 5, 3 sets
RB Lat Raises Blue x 8, 10, 12
Ellip 30 min

Looks like alot, but just because I split it up. I like to split it so I can do some stuff quick in the AM, then we can go do stuff, then later at night I can finish up. I usually do big muscle moves in the AM and hit the auxillary stuff in the evening. Except that yesterday we didn't go anywhere at all LOL. We had to stay home and wait for that mysterious important package that required a signature. You know, the one they dropped at the front door without even ringing our doorbell and left and the only reason we knew it was there was because we heard the truck. And it was so important - a free game from MicroSoft since Ted did some survey's. LOL.

Eats are awesome! I am not tempted to eat the good (bad) stuff. I haven't completely eliminated everything yet because I'm still losing weight. Well, I'm not losing fast, and some days I am a slight bit higher, then drop again, but i'm leaner so who cares what the scale says. Anyway, this weekend I will probably cut my dairy down a bit....just a bit :) I'm slowly weaning off some things so it's not all at once. And I had to do a nice high cal day on leg day because I needed a jump start.

Alright, that's it for me. We've been having a Harry Potter movie marathon this week. I think the last one I had seen was number 3, so that's 3 new movies for me to watch (3 new movies to keep me occupied while I do the elliptical!)


8/15/10: Weekend Stuff
Let's see, last post was Thursday night so catching up...

Friday was chest/tri's. Just did a regular style workout, no supersets that day. I just wasn't up to it.
bench 45x10, 65x10x3,
incline bench 45x10x3,
incline flyes 15's x 10 x 3,
resist band flyes blue & yellow x 10 x 3,
tri pushdowns 25x10x3,
tri exts 20x10x3
& bench dips 10x3.
Did I do cardio? I must have. Oh, yes right after lifting I went out and did sprints. 8 sprints in the hot FL afternoon. They felt a bit wimpy but I gave what I had. Did 2 miles total with the walking part between sprints.

Saturday was hams/glutes. I kept putting it off ALL DAY until about 7:30pm. Things just kept popping up - grocery shopping, playing computer games with Jake LOL. Anyway, I only got in 4 major exercises.

Sumo Squats 95x10x3
SLDL's 95x10x3
Booty Bulgarians 15's x 10 x 3 ea leg
Cable Pull Thru's 25x10x3
Calves between each set.

I don't know what it was - maybe because it was so late in the day or something - but after the booty bulgarians I was shaking. Not just my glutes and legs, but my arms too. It was like they got my whole nervous system. We went for a walk after my workout and I was so slow and sore already. I've done them with heavier weight so I'm not sure what was going on. My glutes are killing me today. Tried to do my booty lunges today and only got in 2 sets of 10 with the 15's.

Today was an off day. No cardio or weights (besides the lunges). It's also my day to drop bread and dairy for the next 4 weeks. I think I'll be fine. I've been weaning off them all week. And yesterday I had my high cal day, and some toast and milk for my last hurrah LOL. Eats are going great! Today I ended up with all greens and fruit for my carbs, weird.

Weight only dropped .4 pounds this week. All that extra cardio and stuff??? Bah. Whatever

Played with the tanner Friday night and it looked bad. Not sure if there was still some leftover of the spray stuff on me, but some areas would NOT accept the tanner at all and just rubbed off. Very blotchy looking too. And I've been exfoliating for 2 weeks now. Just not sure why it is being so stubborn, but I need to get it figured out soon. At this point I like the ultra 1 better than the hi-def, but I think I'd put on 2 coats of it. It sure covered way better. New suit shipped out yesterday so will get a few stones for it this week.

Ok, that's all that is going on here. Well besides a little "freak out" that I'm not going to be ready in time that hit me on Friday. Michelle reassured me I would be. I needed that.

Catch ya later.


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