Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wow, Still more stuff From August?? Yes!

8/23/10: Abs are looking great today!
Abs are looking awesome this morning. I love that!
Today was chest/tri's. yesterday was off day and I did 4 sets of booty lunges.

WU - rbike 10min
BP - 45x10wu; 65x8; 75x6; 85x2, 1; 75x6; 80x4
Tri Kicks - 15's x 12 x 3

Inc DB Flyes - 20's x 8 x 3
Dips 10, 10, 6

Inc DBBP - 20's x 10 x 3
Tri Pushdowns 25x10x3

Tonight is sprints. If it isn't raining. It rained all weekend. And I will do pilates and some extra abs after sprints. I was doing pilates in the AM, but I really like doing it after cardio.

I was very productive yesterday. I finished putting stones on my suit this weekend. Not a lot, just a nice amount I think. I caught up on all of the dishes, ran laundry, and even got to play some games with the family in between! It was nesting day :) .
School started today. Got a call at lunch saying Jake had forgotten his lunchbox in Ted's car. So we scrambled to find stuff there that would get him enough carbs. They are a private school and don't have a cafeteria (food is ordered and brought in for lunch each day) so it was quite a jumble of stuff LOL. But at least he ate :) Then I called Ted and he says he doesn't have the lunch box. So I called the school back and they found it up in his classroom. But both Jake and his teacher looked for it and couldn't find it. So either someone accidently grabbed it then brought it back, or it got shoved behind a backpack or something. But at least we know where it is. What a way to start! LOL.

Ok, I'm gonna clean up from my workout and veg out a little bit while I have the house to myself.


8/24/10: Not even a taste!
I made oatmeal raisin cookies today for Ted and Jake and I didn't even take one tiny taste. Not a nibble, not a lick of a spoon or finger, nothing! When we were at the grocery store the other night Ted was actually looking at boxes of cookies. I was like "are you kidding? store bought cookies?" That's just nasty. Those things are dry and disgusting. But since I've been on a pretty tight diet I haven't done as much baking as usual besides bread. So today I thought it would be nice for them to have a little treat around. And you know what? I'm just not even tempted. I SO thank Jesus for that. I know it is him who is giving me the strength and discipline to get through this training. I'm so thankful!!

Today was leg day. I got it done early today since I have things to do this afternoon. It's a bit hard adjusting to school year schedule, but it will get better after a few weeks. Still, with it being earlier than usual, and CD2, major cramps both tummy and back... I was proud to even get anything done today! LOL.

Warmup rbike 10

Squats 95x10; 135x6x3
w/ Ext's 90x10x3
w/ Calves - single leg bw - 10x3ea

Squats - feet together - 135x6x3
w/ Ext's - toes out - 90x10x3
w/ Calves - single leg bw - 10x3ea

Lying Side leg Raises- 25x20x3ea

Then 20 min ss on the rbike. Then pilates/abs.

And I'm done!! :)

I made those cauliflower "mashed potatoes" today that Kermane has in the recipe section. Well, without the butter, but they were still good!! Made me feel like I was getting some good carbs - mentally.

Now I'm off to vote in the primaries today. Then to go get Jake and we'll rent some movies for tonight. It's dark, rainy and stormy. Love that, but wish I could nap today and take advantage of the good nap weather. There's just no time today!

Have a terrific afternoon!


8/25/10: Back Day!
Had a blah workout this morning. I didn't really give it my all. Actually, I just didn't have much to give. I felt like I was getting an ear infection last night and I'm still a bit stuffy feeling on the left side today. It's STILL rainy and dreary out. And it's CD3. Put them all together and what do you get? Tired and run down. And back/shoulder/bi day always feels like it takes forever.

wu 10 min rbike

BOBBR - 45x10, 65x8, 85x6x2, 65x8
w/ Lat Raises 15's x 8 x 3

One Arm Rows - 45x6x3ea
w/ DB Shoulder Press 15's x 12 x 3

Lat Pulls 55x8, 75x5x2 (actually these were negatives. this weight pulled me off the bench LOL)
w/ Rev Flyes 15's x 8 x 3

Front Plate Raises 25x8x3
w/ bi curls 15's x 10 x 3

15 min intervals on rbike
15 min pilates/abs

Then did some work. And I started packing away all of Jake's star wars toys. We were in his room the other day and I asked if he even played with it anymore and he said no and that I could pack it up. I can't tell you how much stuff there is in there. I've filled 4 big boxes and I'm not half way done. I hope Ted can find some more boxes to bring home today LOL. But it was kinda sad packing it all away too. Some things we haven't played with in years, but I can remember how much fun we had with them. Still, it is time to move on to a new stage. His room is going to be so empty though. He's actually excited to get one of the bookshelves free now so he has more places to put his books. He is like me in that way. We love books.

Weight was 119.6 today. i wasn't expecting that at all. I always sit at 120 forever so I was shocked to see something different. And I still haven't had a cookie :) Eats are good, but just the same old thing. You can't imagine how excited I am at my last meal of the day for my prot powder/pb mix LOL.

Gotta go pick up the kid. Catch you all later.

Oh, my sparkly clothes came. They are the best!


8/27/10: Another Tired Workout
Ugh, it was all I could do to get through the few exercises I had planned. Just so tired today. I went back to sleep this morning after Jake was at school. I didn't even get my first meal until noon - which is probably why I just feel weak and tired today. Anyway, here's what I did.

WU rbike 10 minutes

BP 45x10; 65x8; 75x6; 80x4
with Bench Dips 10x3

Inc BP 45x10; 65x6x3
with Tri Exts 15x10x3

Inc Flyes 20's x 6 x 3
with Tri pushdowns 25x10x3

Then just 12 minutes on the rbike with 4 intervals. I don't feel too bad about those. I did cardio every day this week.

Tonight I will do some resist band stuff for shoulders and maybe some light chest stuff. Tomorrow is leg day and I get more carbs, so that should help too. Then Sunday I'm totally off and I'm taking advantage of that and just resting. rest, rest, rest!

Alright, so I'm 2 weeks out! I'm getting really excited!!


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