Monday, September 6, 2010

What if I had given up? Part 1

This is part 1 of a several part blog. I don't know how many yet LOL. But as I count down to the show (5 days) I have found myself thinking about what if I had given up last year.
I see people all of the time getting upset about not losing much weight after just 1 week of turning things around. I am one of those people at times as well. I'm hoping to not be one anymore. I want to take a look back over this past year to show that you can't (or shouldn't!) give up over a week of no visible progress. In fact, you can't (shouldn't!) give up even when a month goes by with no big scale drops or measurement changes. There's stuff going on INSIDE that's getting fixed too, and sometimes it takes a while to show up outside.
Today's blog I'm talking about last September when the BuffMother Rally Room contest "Super Star Success 2009" started. I have always done the RR contests, but for the almost 2 years prior to SSS2009 I hadn't been giving it my all. When this one came around I was ready to start trying again. I was tired of being fluffy, again.
So for 10 weeks I cleaned up my eating, was good about doing my workouts and my stellar results were.... 0.6 pounds. No way!! 10 weeks and only 0.6 pounds?
Here are the before and after pics.
Before Front:

After Front:

Before Back:

After Back:

Okay, so obviously that wasn't a great performance during the SSS2009. But I did give it all I could give. What are my choices now?
1. I can say "That's just the way my body is supposed to look at this age". I tried, but it didn't work. It isn't worth the time to keep trying and not see results.
2. I can say "That's 0.6 pounds down, if I keep it up I can lose more". Because if I give up now it isn't as if the pounds will magically fall away on their own. I will not be better off if I quit. I'm going to keep trying.

Hmmmm, which one did I choose?

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