Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Legs Part 1, Done!

Ah, another leg day today! I will say I don't like the bands much for quad work so didn't use them in my workout. I think they are great for glute stuff (kickbacks, ad/ab stuff) and will incorporate them on Saturday's leg day.

Today I did more post-exhaust supersets and I was so shaky by my 3rd set of exercises that I had to finish up for the time being.

Leg Exts

Squats - feet together
Leg Exts - toes out

Step Ups
BW x 10 x 3

I could barely step up on the bench LOL. So later I will finish Part 2 with:
Walking Lunges

I'm getting ready to take Jake Wakeboarding today, and maybe try it myself. It depends on how busy they are. I think it will be fun though and hope they aren't busy so I can try it.

Ok, so last year I wrote a blog about working on not being afraid to fail. And I've moved forward slowly. But I really don't like failure. Really afraid of having to admit I failed and look like a loser. So I've been keeping this thing to myself, and I feel that I need to share it, get it out there and be able to face it. So here goes. I'm doing a comp on Sept 11th. My biggest fear is NOT that I won't place. My biggest fear is that everyone here will know I'm competing and I have to come back and say that I didn't place and feel like a total failure. There it is. Its out there now. I'm not going to be talking about it in any more blogs and I'll let you know how I did after the show.
I really don't want to push the save button.....


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