Thursday, July 1, 2010

Caught up!! Wooohoo!

This is actually today's real post. I will do better about staying caught up too. :)
Ok, so I didn't make my weight goal this week. I thought I'd get to 125-126 but only made it to 124.2. That's what I weighed on Sunday so I didn't gain an ounce Mon - Wed. I dropped cardio to just once this week and I did pretty good with cals (averaging 2500/day), but couldn't get there. Oh well, it isn't TOO BAD because now I'm closer to my losing goal for vacation LOL. And I feel really good about my progress during boosting. For one thing I went all out and didn't try to keep my cals a bit lower for fear of gaining. I know that was my goal, but you all know how hard it is mentally to accept the weight going up on the scale! So sometimes I end up eating less out of that fear. I am happy that I didn't do that and proud of myself for following through. I believe that I worked out heavy and hard and all my cals went where they were supposed to go - to building muscle!

And now that I've gained, I'm ready to lose again. I started the morning with some fasted ss cardio, just 30 minutes. It felt great and is a good jumpstart to my next 2 weeks. I'm looking to be 120 or less by vacation. That's 4 pounds - totally doable. My workout schedule will be the same, but buffing style. Thursday "off" day will still have cardio. Sunday "off" day may just be active or complete rest.  4th of July is cheat day :) My only cheat day for the next 2 weeks. After the 4th I'm getting tight and strict.

Yesterday's workout - last boosting wo. Back/Shoulders/Bi's. I split it up to do back in the AM (which ended up being 1pm LOL) and Shoulder's/Bi's in the PM (about 8pm)

AM: Back:
Single Arm Rows
25x10x3 ea, for wu

Seated Rows

Lat Pulls
75x4 - neck/shoulder felt fine again - doing good!


Inverted Rows (feet on bench)

PM: Shoulders/Bi's
Mil BB Press

DB Shoulder Press
20's x 6 x 3

Lat Raises
15's x 10
20's x 6 x 2

Front Raises
15's x 8 x 2
20's x 6

BB Bi Curl

DB Curls
15's x 10
20's x 8 x 2

Preacher Curls
32x4x2 - my short little arms couldn't reach the stupid bar on the preacher bench. hated these. Guess that's why the preacher attachment's been sitting in the corner for a year LOL

Jake and I went for a walk in the rain in the afternoon at the park, 2 miles.

Cals for yesterday: 2495. F-89, C-245, fiber 19 (too low), P-178.

Meeting a friend of Jake's at a fun play place this afternoon - 11000 sf of trampolines - should be a blast!
Have a great day!!


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