Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back from the beach!

We had a great time!!! The weather was gorgeous and the house we stayed at this year was so nice. Yesterday was our only rainy day, which was actually a nice way to end the week. Our schedule every day was the same:
AM - Beach
Noon - up for lunch and swim in the pool
Afternoon - play games - wii, billiards, air hockey, cards, puzzles, nap
5pm - out to dinner
Evening - back to the beach to swim and play frisbee
PM - back to the house to play dominoes, watch movies, eat dessert
Repeat every day!!

We had some really great food again this year. I ate, and ate, and ate.... LOL. I left at 122 and came back at 126. :) Crab bisque; duck; chicken marsala; some yummy salmon topped with peas, sundried tomatoes and bacon in a cream sauce; shrimp; brie baked in a pastry with walnuts and apricot sauce; great salads and tons of different types of breads; choc mousse dessert (twice!); seduction by chocolate cake; lots of ice cream... See, I ATE. LOL. Good stuff. We really enjoy our dinners out on vacation and it is fun to try so many different things.

I also worked out EVERY DAY. Yep. I brought my resistance bands along and I have to say I LOVE them. I could totally feel I worked out even though I only had 45lbs resistance with them. I will be incorporating them into my workouts at the end because I love the pump they give. My schedule was:
Sun - Chest/Tri's
Mon - Legs
Tues - Back/Shoulder/Bi
Wed - Chest/Tri
Thurs - Legs
Fri - Back/Shoulder/Bi

For cardio I didn't do much. I brought all of my workout clothes but forgot my shoes! Oops. Two days I rented one of those long paddle boards that you stand on and did that for 30-45 minutes. Jake loved it too. He took it out, but got tired coming in. My dad and Ted swam out to see if he was low blood sugar, but he was just tired. As they were coming back in a manatee swam up to check them out. It brought its nose out of the water right in my dad's face like it was giving him a kiss, and then swam to Ted and he was able to pet it. (Alright. so it is illegal to pet manatees, but I think if THEY come touch you its okay :) ). So that was cool. Anyway, back to cardio. I also ran sets of stairs and did sprints on the beach with Jake (he beat me every time). Oh! And I got a compliment on my arms from the guy I rented the paddleboard from. That made me feel great because they are such a hard part for me to build and they never look buff. But I guess they are getting better!

And that sums up our week on the beach! We got home last night just after midnight and it was great to sleep in our own bed. I'm off workouts today and tomorrow, then Monday I boost for another week, then I'm on fire buffing!! Can't wait to get some of this vacation weight off in the next few days as my meals go back to normal. Gonna take advantage of it and build while I can though :) . Well I'm off to do all of the fun stuff that has to be done when you get back from vacation - unpacking and laundry!!!

Have a great weekend!


Just finished my workout and I'm off to a great start to this week! Feeling good and raring to go, which is strange since it is CD 24, but I guess that's what vacation does to me. Gets me re-energized and ready to tackle it all. Let's hope this feeling lasts. For now, I'll take it for today and deal with tomorrow when it gets here!

Workout this morning was chest/tri's. I did post-exhaust supersets like in the article I read the week before last. So it was a low rep heavy compound set paired with a high rep lighter isolation set. I feel totally worked over.

Warmup rbike 10 min

Resistance Band (RB) Flyes
Blue & Yellow x 20 x 3

20's x 10 x 3
RB Chest Press, single arm
Blue & Yellow x 10 x 3 ea

Inc BP
RB Single Arm Flyes
Yellow x 15 x 2
Blue x 15

Then a tri circuit:
Tri Kickbacks 15's x 10
w/abs x10
w/ Tri Ext's 15x10
w/abs x 10
w/ Tri Pushdowns 25x10
w/ abs x 10
Three times through.

And I'm done! Now to eat some yummy salmon and salad. I finally got the grocery shopping done yesterday. Our fridge was EMPTY when we got home. Saturday night we had pizza and cinnapie - too much! I totally pigged out. Sunday was clean though and weight has dropped almost a pound since getting back from vacation, even with Saturday night's eats. My goal this week is to build that muscle!

Will probably go bowling this afternoon so that should be fun. Hope we haven't lost our touch over the last week off :)

Have a great day!


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