Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sneak Peek

6/23/10- Took a sneak peek at the scale
I generally don't weigh in much during boosting. I just like to enjoy it, so I usually weigh in on Sundays only. But, I really wanted to see if I was gaining at a good rate. My goals were to hit 2000 cals a day but I've been hitting about 2500 each day instead for the past 3 days since I started. Goal is to gain 3 - 4 pounds by July 5th. So far I've lost half a pound. Seriously. Ok, so my goal was also that by this Sunday I'd be losing weight on 2000 cals and I'd have to increase. But instead I'm losing already on 2500. I'll stay at 2500 for now and will reassess when Sunday comes around. Next week may be a 3000 cal week and let me tell you that is HARD. I mean it, it sucks trying to eat 3000 clean cals - you feel so sickeningly full.

Workouts have been ON. Heavy (for me) and intense, lots of rest between sets. Slow cardio for 30-45 min a day, just simple things like a walk around the neighborhood or climbing hills and trees at the park. So far I'd say I'm right on track, except for the fact that I'm losing. It is possible I'll gain though by the time Sunday comes around. Looking to really rev up this metabolism prior to next buffing session.

Today was chest/tri's. I ended up splitting the workout up so we could meet a friend of Jake's at the park. We had fun there and his friends mom and I are pretty alike in things we enjoy doing. She has 4 boys so she deserves a medal :) We spent 90 minutes playing there, fun!

AM -
DB Flyes
15's x 10
20's x 6 x 3

85x3 ?? was supposed to be six. I couldn't get it today though. I felt strong going into it, but nothing.

PM -
Inc Bench

DB Bench
15's x 10
20's x 8 x 2

Tri Pushdowns


Bench Dips
15, 20, 25

Light Calves (in, out, straight)
20's x 30
bw x 45
20's x 60

Some light lat and front raises too. Forgot about booty extras today. Climbing the hills should count! Might throw in a few kicksbacks and stuff tonight since those don't require much time.

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it. I did half supermans ON the ball yesterday. Kneeling on ball, just practicing the arm portion. I did a few of those. I did balance doing a full superman on the ball for all of 2 seconds but couldn't switch :)

That's all. I'm almost done shoveling down food for the day. Just a little yogurt & protein powder later (tastes like choc mousse!). Oh, I'll put a yummy cold bean salad in the recipe section. Made it yesterday and it is awesome! Eats today:
cinnamon toast (2) & milk
kashi w/milk & blueberries
bean salad over lettuce
prot shake & banana @ park
ww spaghetti w/ground beef, tomato sauce
ice cream - southern blackberry cobbler flavor, yum!
yogurt w/prot powder
sunflower seeds - snack on these throughout the day
Cals - 2340, fat 65 (25%), carbs 306(46%), fiber 53, protein 162 (29%)

Have a great one!


6/24/10 - too tired for a title
Today was back/shoulders/bi day. I'm very tired today (and yesterday). Might just be the heat - it is so hot here!

Single Arm Rows 25x10x3 ea
Cable Rows 55x10, 65x8, 75x6, 85x4
Lat Pulls 55x10, 65x6x3 - really happy with this. No neck pain again
BOBBR's 65x8x2, 75x8, 45x10 rev grip
Lat Raises 15's x 8, 20's x 6 x 2, 15's x 8
DB Press 15's x 10, 20's x 8 x 2
BB Bi curls 45x8, 50x7, 55x6, 60x4, 45x8
DB Bi Curls 15's x 10, 20's x 6 x 2
Walk, 30 minutes

Yesterday was an off day. Just an hour walking the dog last night. It was nice out.

Food is still good. 2404 cals yesterday, 2672 today. A little ice cream both nights and some lindt truffles that fell in my mouth. But other than those 2 things it was all good. Legs tomorrow. My hams just recovered from last Saturday's workout so hopefully they'll recover more quickly this week.

I'm thinking of cutting my heavy eating short by just a few days. I was schedule to end on July 4th and I'm not sure I want to feel that big and full running around in my bikini all day. I might finish out each body part lifting heavy one more time and start buffing 2 days prior, to just give my body a bit of time to not look so stuffed. I'll see how its going thorugh midweek next week. If I'm still looking lean I'll keep putting down the food.

We're about to watch Book of Eli so I gotta get going. Have a great weekend. I'm a little anti social today too. Maybe the tiredness?

6/27/10 - pizza day!
Ahhh. Sundays are my day to have a real cheat meal. Today I am having some pizza! Its been a while since we have ordered a pizza, not even sure when the last time was. Anyway, the plan is to savor my yummy meal and hold out for next Sunday LOL. I should be able to hit my cals no problem today :) .
Speaking of that... I weighed in this morning at 124.2. That's 1.2 pounds for the week so I'm feeling good about that. By Thursday I think I will be 125.6. That's my goal at least. And then it will already be time to start buffing. The beach is in 3 weeks and I am confident I will be where I want to be by then. Not as low as I planned at the end of SX70, but i decided to build and I think it will be worth it.
Yesterday was hams/glutes:

Warmed up with ball curls, 10x3
SLDL's on step
95x10; 135x8; 155x6; 95x10
Sumo Squats
95x10; 115x8; 135x6; 95x10
Booty Bulgarians (ea leg)
15's x 8; 20's x 6 x 3
Leg Curls
10x10, 20x10; 30x8; 40x4
Side Lying Leg Lifts
25#plate x 10 x 4 (ea leg) Loved these with the plate. I usually use a db but the plate feels so much better - doesn't push into my it band.
Was supposed to do calf raises but ran out of time. So today I will do some weighted calf stuff. Standing, seated and donkeys.

I'm definitely feeling it today, but not as bad as last week. So that's good.

Alrighty, Ted should be back with the pizza soon. I'm STARVING. And I feel ill. The guy in front of me in church had so much cologne on that my eyes watered and I felt nauseas. Combine that with an empty stomach and its not a good thing. So i'm off to eat and then make good use of it with my calf workout. :)

Have a great day!


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