Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oops, Sorry! Falling Behind Again

Sorry about that. For all of you folks who aren't even reading this blog LOL.  Doesn't matter, I'm posting anyway.  Here's 7/8 through 7/12
I am worn out today. It's those Tired Thursdays sneaking up on me again.

Monday I did get in my running intervals outside while Jake and Ted did a longer ss run. My shins were still sore yesterday, but not hurting like shin splints.
Tuesday was legs (quads) and abs. My abs were really sore from my sprints too. I also did ss elliptical while watching Losing it with Jillian and some calves and lunges.
Wednesday was chest/tri's, nice quick circuits. SS cardio 4 miles - 2 miles up to the ice cream place and 2 miles back. No I didn't get one. Jake and Ted were the lucky ones :) They each gave me a teeny tiny bite of theirs. It was almost 11pm by the time we got home. We had to time it around Jake's bedtime snack.
Today is double cardio day. Did 45 min rbike this morning and will either do more rbike or elliptical in about an hour. Probably ellip since I'm bored with the bike.

My meals have been super duper clean all week. I'm really proud of the things I've turned down and for getting this far without my bread or glass of milk (not even a swig from the carton).
I have had 2 "cheats" that I really don't even consider cheats. The teaspoon of ice cream I tasted last night - and saying a teaspoon is being generous, it was hardly any. And today I had a forkful of mac n cheese. That is it. So I'm giving myself a 99.9999999% for clean eats this week :) .
I'm fairly close to my carb ratios each day. I've yet to actually make it to all the way down to 50, but not over 60 on those days either. On my leg days, which are 100 carb days, I've stayed below 120. That is good for me because typically a low carb day for me is about 120 and my normal carb days are near 200.
Unfortunately I'm not dropping my weight at a quicker rate on these low carbs, nor am I looking much leaner. But I do plan to stick it out the whole two weeks to see if I can get a better overall picture of how it is working.

Current weight is 121.8. I thought I'd be in the 120.x range by today so I'm a little annoyed with that. I still think I will see 120.x by Sunday.

I had a little nap this afternoon which helped a bit. Some crazy cat was meowing right outside my window though and woke me up, so it was a short nap.

Ok, I'll catch you all tomorrow. Have a good evening :)

Short week. I was so confused all week as to what day it was LOL. And now I find it is Friday. It's almost 3pm and I really haven't accomplished much yet. I didn't wake up until about 10:30 so my day has been short too. I will need to kick things up a bit to get everything done that needs doing today. I DID however get in my workout :) Didn't want to but I did it.

Tri Circuits:
Warm up - rbike 11min

Single Arm Rows 25x10x3ea
w/ Lat Raises 15's x 10 x 3
w/ Hammer Curls 15's x 5 x 3 ea

BOBBR's 45x10x3
w/ Shrugs 45x10x3
w/ BB Bi Curls 45x8x3

Seated Row 60x10x3
w/ Mil BB Press 45x10x3
w/ DB Bi Curls 20'x 8, 20's x 6, 20's x 3 & 15's x 3

Lat Pulls 60x10x3
w/ Front Raises 15's x 8 x 3
w/ Conc Curls 20x5 ea, 15x5x2 ea

Ellip Intervals 20 min

DONE DONE DONE!! Yesterday I did a walk to my parents and a swim for my evening cardio. So got in my 2. Weight was 121.2 this morning. Still on track for being in the 120.x zone on Sunday morning.

I'm off to eat something - a bit hungry today! Have a great weekend.


I finished up a week of low carb, no dairy and no bread stuff. I was going to do two weeks but have decided it just isn't working out for me. Not because I can't do it but because it isn't giving me the results I am looking for.
Some of my expectations going into this were:

1.*Faster weight loss
2.*Breaking the 120 barrier that I tend to get stuck at
3.*Leaning out more
But I did not experience those things. My cals were 1100-1300, carbs below 60 most days and just around 100 on leg days.
My results were:

1.I struggled this week to lose any weight at all. Sunday,7/4, I was 121.8. I had a cheat day that day which brought Monday to 123. I should have started dropping rapidly after that day but instead I went three days without a drop at all. By the following Sunday I was 121.2. That is only a total drop of half a pound. If I want to lose half a pound I can do that on 2500 cals and 200+ carbs thank you very much.
2.I couldn't even get into the 120x zone, much less under it, which really made me mad. I should have hit it by Friday. I totally expected to be under 120 by Sunday. Instead - 121.2. Didn't like it. Didn't like working my butt off and no carbs for mediocre results.
3.I got bloated. The thing is I KNOW this. I have done this experiment before with the same results. When I get my protein ratio too much higher than my carbs I get bloated. I really do much better with my carbs even to my protein, or just a bit higher. I especially should have leaned up due to my cycle days, and ending my period, but I didn't.
It wasn't a failed experiment though. It basically reinforced what I know about my body - low carb is not beneficial to me. The removal of dairy and wheat is not a change for the better for me. I'm glad I tried it again, just to be certain. I did succeed in doing it the whole week. I didn't complain or whine about missing it. I kept up a good attitude until Saturday when I realized I wouldn't be making my goal. I got kinda grouchy then. The worst part was that I was completely without energy and tired for most of the week. I still pushed hard through my workouts but then I was drained.

Sunday I pushed the RESET button (ie: high carb/high cal cheat day). This week I am still on the lower cals, but my ratios are back to normal. Workouts for the week are M-chest,T-legs,W-back, F-full body. Thursday is off except for cardio. I'm on 2-a-days this week going into the final 5 days before vacation. AM ss, PM mix of intervals and ss. Lots of water as always. I'm hoping I can reach 120 or less by Saturday morning. No, I'm expecting and planning to be 120 or less. :)

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