Thursday, July 1, 2010


Wow, I am so drained today. From the moment I woke up and all through the day. Totally tired this month leading up to CD 1. I had originally thought maybe we would go tubing over toward Orlando today, but the thought of the drive, and the morning traffic, and dealing with all of the people on the river - exhausting! I know, floating down a river is exhausting? LOL. It sounded like it today. Saw the rain forecast and it said we'd get storms around noon through the rest of the day - um, no, never happened. So we lazed around all day waiting for the rain LOL. We finished up some of our gaming marathon, and did get a little swim in this evening before Losing it with Jillian (which was an excellent one tonight).

I did get in my workout. It was leg day. I woke up with a twinge in my back so I elminated any sort of deadlfit or lunges this morning. So I started out with:

Squats, normal
95x10; 115x10; 135x8; 155x6
Squats, feet together
95x10; 115x10x3
Leg Exts
45x10wu - knee started to hurt so I ended the workout at this point. Twingey back and sore knee too? No thanks.
Ate and rested and then during Losing It I finished up because my knee felt better
Leg Exts
90x10x2; 135x8x2;
Leg Exts toes out
Single Leg Exts (left only)45x15x3
Calf Raises
90x15x3 (in, out, straight)
Lunges - front
Lunges - back

Yesterday was chest/tri's
DB flyes
15's x 10; 20's x 8 x 3
DB Bench
20's x 10 x 2
75x6, 85x5assist, 95x1 hurt, 65x10
Tri Pushdowns
25x10, 35x6, 45x6
Tri Kickbacks
15's x 10 x 3

Tomorrow is my last day of stuffing my face! yeah! I managed to get in 2293 cals Sunday, 2362 Monday and 2482 today. Tomorrow will be about the same and then I get to buff. SOOOOO ready to buff. But a bit of a cheat day on the 4th. Otherwise it is super buffing all the way to vacation on the 17th. Ahhh, the beach for a week!!

Alright, I definitely need to get out and do something tomorrow. Something active and fun!! Because CD1 is coming up quick and I'll want to veg that day for sure.

Have a good evening. Catch ya tomorrow!


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