Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekly Stuff

6/15 - Monday/Tuesday Stuff
I got right back on track Monday with my chest/tris/abs workout and am feeling good so far this week. Sundays cheat day of Cheesecake Factory, after photos, was so yummy! :) I split my chicken madeira into thirds so I had it for three meals. I had 1/2 a piece of blueberry cheesecake in the afternoon, and then 1/2 a piece of red velvet cheesecake that night. Love that red velvet one, I'll get that again....someday :)

Monday - Chest/Tri's/Abs/Intervals

I did bench press -made myself go a little heavier for my 10 reps, testing out the shoulder and it felt okay. I will attempt next week during boosting to carefully increase; incline bench; db flyes; single arm cable flyes; cgbp; tri pushdowns; tri kickbacks (single); abs between all sets; lunges after every other set (bw); glute work between all sets; intervals on rbike for 20min; ss walk the dog for about 20min; bw calf work throughout the day.

Jake got home yesterday from a weekend in Colorado with my parents. My dad had a marathon there (he's running one in each state). He had a great time, they did horseback riding, river rafting (the river was so high and fast that a normal 2 hour trip only took 30 minutes), hiking up the mountains. It rained most of the time they were there. And he got to see and play in the snow! He only "saw" snow when he was 18months so he was pretty excited. I was nervous as this was his first time out of state without me and with the diabetes, but he did well. He texted me his numbers and any corrections he was making. I was very proud of him.

Tuesday - Legs/Abs/SS

Squats 95x10, 115x10, 125x10

Squats feet together 95x10x3

Deadlifts 115x10x3

Step Ups BWx5x3 ea

Leg Exts 90x10, 110x10x2 (knee hurt a bit on these)

Lunges - various types, 100+ throughout the day, BW

Calves - standing 115x10x6 (in, out, straight), donkey bwx10x3, seated 115x10(bar- awkward), 45(plate)x10x2 - better but need more weight. Only, I can't go get more plates after one is on my lap LOL.

Abs between sets. Will get more glute work in throughout the day. SS cardio tonight during Losing It w/Jillian. Elliptical.

Some ending thoughts on the contest:

I did exceed my goal for weight loss. I'm pretty excited about that. I would be very happy with this WEIGHT throughout Sept-May. However, I'm not completely thrilled with body composition still so I will be working hard to add muscle during my boosting periods. But up to vacation I'm going to stay pretty moderate with that because I don't want to do a huge gain right before the beach. So when I get back I'll do some building focus. Mostly in my legs. But again, I do feel good, it's not a body I'd be ashamed to be on the beach with and I am very happy with how it went.

I also met my goal of getting pretty lean without dropping the carbs and bread and dairy. I even ate my carbs and dairy through photoprep because part of my goal in this challenge was to do just that. To drop them then would have been "cheating" to me. What I like about that is,well, there are a lot of reasons. 1. Bread and dairy are my two favorite food groups LOL. Ok, Milk at least. I can do without cheese and stuff, but I love my milk. I love that I can succeed with those things in my diet, even if it means taking longer to get there. 2 - Everyone in the house is more happy when I don't go off bread and milk LOL. 3 - I still have a few tricks up my sleeve when I need to really lean out. If I drop bread and dairy right away, what do I have left to eliminate? If I wait until the last moment when I really stagnate, then I have something to drop and begin to make progress again. I know I'll need to drop them for a while to become super lean if necessary, but until them I'm enjoying them :) (and my family is happy!).

I didn't meet my splits goal. I just determined along the way that no one on vacation is going to see that I can do splits, but my butt is going to be hanging out of my swimsuit (or not) depending on how well I do there. So I focused more on shape. I figure splits is a good winter goal LOL.

Overall I'm pleased with my effort. I really kicked it up toward the end. I feel good about myself again although that isn't completely weight related. And I just feel like I'm more alive again. I can see in my eyes that they look lifelike again instead of zombie-ish. For a while there I'd smile and it wouldn't hit my eyes and I didn't know how to get that back. I've come to the realization (heart finally, not just head) that God loves me even when I'm a screwup and that has made a difference in how I see myself again.

6/16/10 - 101 in the shade!
Yep, it was a hot one today up at the park. We weren't even in the shade for most of the time. We went up to do some geocaching and as soon as we got there the thunder started. The air was thick with rain coming. But we were there for 90 minutes and made it out before the rain actually showed up. Didn't find any of the caches on our list, but we were busy doing an earth cache. That's a virtual cache where there isn't anything to find there, but you have to take down information and email the answers to the person who started it. This one dealt with water levels and cypress trees. So that was fun. We saw a couple of female wild turkeys. One had her babies with her, oh gosh they were absolutely adorable. We also saw 2 gopher tortoises, a couple of turles in the lake on logs, a ton of squirrels, and to my delight an owl. A beautiful golden owl. I love owls. We heard a gator grunting around us but we couldn't spot him. Its always a good hike when we spot wildlife :) .

I'm ovulating for sure. Very tired, snacky cravings are here. I've munched on an oreo-type cookie, a werthers candy and just had a few chips and salsa. Not horrible, just off plan a bit. I wasn't going to do any cheat stuff til Father's Day. Can't get myself to get anything done. The dishes are piling up and the stupid dishwasher decided to just coat everything with a layer of soap. Now I have double the dishes to do. I'm going to have to go out there and just wash a few at a time until they are done. I already feel like having a nap and I even slept in this morning.
Its back/shoulders/bis today. I started this morning but my stomach was too empty and I felt ill right away. So I'll probably hit in about 30 mintues. Little tri-circuits.

Barbell rows with dumbbell shoulder press with bi curls

Single Arm Rows with lat raises with barbell curls

Seated cable rows with front raises with concentration curls

Should be quick and just what I need today since I'm feeling very tired. No extra cardio, just the walk at the park for 90.

Alright, its raining which means the couch is calling my name LOL. Catch ya later.


6/18/10 - Chest/Tri's/Abs
Hey, hope all is going well for everyone on Friendly Friday!

I got my chest/tri workout in this morning and am ready to go get some groceries. Just enough to get through the weekend. I still have intervals to do but am waiting til Ted gets home and maybe we'll go for a run.

wu rbike 10 min

DB Flyes 15's x 10 x 3

BP 70x5 then 65x5; 70x6, then 65x4; 70x10

Pushups - feet on ball 10, toes on ball 10, hands on db's 10

Tri Pushdowns 25x10x3

Tri Exts 15x10x2, 20x10

Tri Kicks (single) L15x15x3, R15x10x3 - I have nerve damage and can't feel my left very well so I have to do more before I start to make the connection of feeling them work.

Abs between all sets

Light calves between every other set - 25x10x3, 30x15x3, 40x20x3 (calves need major work so they get extra)

BW Lunges between every other set - 10x6, 20x2

Glute work between every other set - 10x3, 20x4, 40

Will also do some very light lat and front raises later today. I've noticed good changes from just adding a few light sets every day.

I've set up a new schedule for myself for the next few months. It gives me Sundays off for family stuff and another day in the middle of the week to recover.

M - Chest/Tri's

T - Legs (quad)

W - Back/Sh/Bi

Th - off

Fri - Chest/Tri's

Sat - Legs (ham/glute)

Sun - off

M - Back/Sh/Bi's

T - Legs (quad)

W - Chest/Tri's

Th - Off

Fri - Legs (ham/glute)

Sat - Back/Sh/Bis

Sun - off

Off days I usually do cardio or active stuff, just no lifting.

Oh drat, it's thundering and raining. I don't want to go get groceries in that. Think I'll curl up on the couch and read a bit and fold some laundery too, then head out a bit later.

Ok, off to relax a tiny bit :)

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