Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Catching Up!

6/9/10 Catchin' Up
I haven't felt like blogging the past few days, so just doing some catch up here.

Monday was chest/tri's & intervals. Then Jake and I went bowling. After the first game (a 131) I decided I'm going to try for a 200 game this summer. I've been close twice before, both in 1991 within about a week of each other... a 192 and a 196. So my second game I was totally focused and I bowled an ... 84! LOL. It is so rare for me to even go under 100 I just laughed about my "focused going for 200 game". Last game was 124. So anyhow, my summer goal is to practice and bowl a 200.

Tuesday was legs & ss cardio. Nothing too exciting that day - the dog and bunny had to go to the vet and that ended up being a 90 minute appt. The bunny screamed. I'd never heard him scream before but he didn't like the vet trying to look at him and he just started screaming like a maniac. The vet said that's his "please don't eat me" scream. LOL. I've heard that sound once before when our dogs caught a wild rabbit on a walk one night.

Today was back/shoulders/bi's. I put lat pulls back in the lineup and immediately paid for it with pain in my right neck/shoulder area. I have a messed up neck/shoulder/upper back on my left side. The left side of my face is actually partially numb most of the time (if you look at my photos close you'll see my left eye looks squinty quite a bit). With nerve damage the best the doc's seem to be able to say is you just have to wait it out. There's not really anything there to try to fix. And then there's my muscles pulling every which way in my back, the monthly massages are helping with that a bit. Anyway, I'm rabbit trailing here. I hurt my right side of my neck/shoulder doing those stupid lat pulls so I finished up the shoulder press and then quit for a while. Jake and I went bowling again (119 and 144 today), then I came home and did some really light shoulders and biceps, then off to swim for an hour (float really). No cardio, just walked the dog.

Eats have been good. I'm salting up tomorrow for photos on Sunday. I haven't done the salt up thing in almost 3 years so that should be fun. I actually like salty day - love chicky broth and I dump even more salt in it. My belly will look so pregnant by the end of the day, but I've never gained weight from it so we'll see if that still holds true.

Just a few more days in the challenge. Then I have 5 weeks to get ready for the beach. Should be fun! I had to miss boosting for these last two weeks so I'm looking forward to the next one, although it will be pretty mild. Beach week will make up for it though. Beach, pool, eat - that's vacation schedule!

Have a good one!


6/11/10 Gettin' my workout on!
Ok, salty day was bad to me. I "gained" 3.4 pounds. Mentally that is distressing when you're so close to the goal. On the other hand I know that in order to gain 3.4 pounds I would have had to eat over 15000 calories yesterday and that didn't happen - I had 1400. I know it's the salt - I had about 8000mg. I know it will go away. But will it go away quick enough? I've never gained on salty day so I'm not sure what this means. Does it mean I'm still too soft? Does it mean I have a bit more muscle? Not sure but I'll be keeping track so I'll know for next time. All I know is that on Sunday morning that scale better read 120.x or lower.

So what did I do after seeing that number and mentally walking myself through it? I did what any woman would do - I went shopping! LOL. I bought 4 new bikini's. I love them!! I am cleaning out some of the old ones today. I have some that are just not flattering that I've been hanging onto for some reason? Why? I'm never going to wear them. So you'll see some new suits in my photos on Sunday. Yay! New suits!! :) And yes now I feel better

Then I came home and did some work so I can pay for the new suits LOL. And now I'm heading out to the living room to get my workout done. It's a light full body one today. No more cardio this week, yay! Sunday is photos and a nice yummy cheat meal at cheesecake factory. And then Monday starts another 5 weeks of aggressive workouts and eats so that I'm ready for the beach in July.

Okie, dokie. I'm procrastinating now so I'd better get out there.

Have a great weekend!


SX70 Stats & Pics
We took over 100 pics this morning. I'm tired! LOL. Gonna load up my stats and pics and then heading to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I'm very happy with my results. I'll be back later to fill in ending thoughts, etc.

SX70 Start & End Stats Date 4/2/10 6/13/10
CD 15 8
Weight 125.6 119.2
34rel, 35.25 fl 34rel, 35.25fl
Waist 27.75 rel, 26.75fl 26.75rel, 26fl
Hips 36.50 36
Thi hi 20 19.75
Thi lo 18 18.25
Shoulders 39rel, 40fl 39.75rel, 41.25fl
Bi's 10.75rel, 11.25fl 10.25rel, 11fl
Calves 12.50 12.25

Goal was weight 120 so I'm thrilled to be under that. Here are some after pics!

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