Wednesday, June 30, 2010

318g Carbs!

That's my carb count for the day LOL. Today was back to school for an assembly (Jake had been off all week for test exemptions) and then the kids all went to Chuck E Cheese. Yes, 7th graders having fun at Chuck E Cheese- they're such a fun and fairly innocent class, love 'em. Anyway, I had a caesar salad and some pizza.

So there went my 100% day. Then when I got home and saw how my carbs were adding up I figured, well, I may as well give it 100% LOL. I mean, if your carbs are going to be high, you might as well do it right. So here are my eats for today.

M1 - Steel cut oats, plain yogurt, homemade granola (oatmeal, wheat bran, wheat germ, flax seed, peanuts, coconut oil, raisins, agave nectar), milk.
M2 - Caesar salad w/chicken, 1 slice pizza
M3 - ww spaghetti & meatballs, homemade bread/butter
M4 - snack - more granola
M5 - Kashi golean crisp w/blueberries and flax seed, milk
M6 - prot shake
I'm only 120cals shy of 3000 cals today.

We went blueberry picking today. There are actually still some left out there. This guy was selling them for $10 a bucket (that's about 6 pounds!). Six pounds of blueberries for $10. That's less that $2 per pound. At the store on a good deal they are 3.99 for a pint. We brought home 6 pounds worth LOL. I see quite a few blueberry items in my future. But they'll have to wait until Monday. Because even though I'm loading up today, I am going to be back ON PLAN Friday, Saturday & Sunday. My final weigh in will be Monday morning, Memorial Day because I will be indulging that day. Then it is back on plan to finish out the contest with probably a high day the Sunday between.

Today is also my off day from workouts. I had a moment earlier where I thought "i should do some cardio after this day", but I quickly squashed it. That is not how I want things to be. I don't want to feel "guilty" about a food choice and think that I have to work it off. So I'm enjoying my day and tossed the guilt workout aside.

Have a great night!
Oh, and I tried the VS self tanner last night. Its okay so far.

So, who wants to guess how much the scale went up after my super huge carb fest yesterday??? :)

Today was a great day. I woke up feeling good, no food hangover. I got in my workout:

Chest/Tri's/Abs, Cardio. Triple circuits
Bench Press w/ Tri Exts, w/abs
DB Flyes w/ Bench Dips, w/abs
CGBP w/Tri Kickbacks, w/abs
Pushups w/Skullcrushers, w/abs

Then it was 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. At level 8 I hit 11.9mph - couldn't make it say 12 LOL. Thought I might throw up right after that one but I hung on :) . 10 intervals.
Then 30 min ss on the rbike reading a book. I felt awesome when I was done with it all.

Also got the master room & bath cleaned, living room, family room & kitchen cleaned and vacuumed. And a couple loads of laundry done. I just feel good about what I accomplished today.

Eats are ON.
M1 - egg + whites scrambled, green peppers, blueberries (get used to seeing those the next few days haha)
M2 - 1/2 turkey sandwich w/spinach
M3 - salad w/chicken, blueberries, grapes, a little olive oil
M4 - brown rice, chicken, brussel sprouts, kidney beans
M5 - planned protein shake
Clean and barely broke 100 carbs today :) I'm right on target to hit, but I think I might even pass my goal weight by Monday.

Oh, and the scale went up ZERO pounds, ZERO ounces from my foodfest yesterday. Hope it doesn't delay and show up tomorrow morning LOL.

Have a great Holiday Weekend!


5/31 100% Complete
Well my two week 100% challenge is done. I feel great about my success. My goal was to be 123.0 today. I weighed in at 122.4!!
I'm happy with the results. I like that there's more of a gap between my thighs on the front pose, seeing my hamstring more on the side pose, my back is looking better. Very pleased!
I'm only 2.4 pounds away from my weight goal for the sx70 with 2 weeks to go. Today's my off day and free day so I'm ready to enjoy it and get back to 100% for the rest of the challenge. One thing I hadn't planned with the 2 week challenge was doing high cal day cycling, but it ended up that every 4th day I had higher cals and it really worked. Sometimes I get afraid to do that and try to stay low, but I can see that it works for me.

Did a long geocaching hike yesteray - over 5 hours. I also did my back/shoulders/bi's in the morning before we left. It was a good hike, even though the gps died .2 miles before finding the last cache and then the rain started. We had to head back so Jake could get dinner and insulin in time, which means we'll have to do about a 2-3 hour hike back just for one more cache LOL. We were filthy since we'd been scrambling up hills on hands and feet and sliding (sometimes not on purpose) back down as we searched the park. Fun day!

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