Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And my final weight was....

Here is Sunday 5/23/10.

124.4. Yay!! Last Sunday I was 126.0, that's 1.6 pounds. I eeked out that one and a half that I was going for.

Sooooo, goal for this next Sunday is 123.0, going for 1.4 this week. Keeping it at 100%.

Today was a good rest day. Did a couple hours of yardwork, the floated in the pool for an hour. Stocked up on the groceries for the week. Ugh, wish eating clean was cheaper.

Todays Eats, my high day.

M1 - Kashi GoLean, Milk, Strawberries
M2 - Turkey Sandwich
M3 - Salad of: Green Leaf Lettuce, Endive, Broccoli, 1/4c kidney beans, 1hb egg + 1hb egg white, blue cheese dressing (1tbsp)
M4 - Protein Shake (milk, protein powder, 1tbsp peanut butter)
M5 - Hamburger, potato wedges, 1/2c kidney & pinto beans
M6 - planned - protein shake (water, protein powder, 1c spinach, 4oz strawberries)
Cals 2026, P158, C237, F56, Fiber45

Feeling really good today. I did some stretching during minute to win it, working for those splits still. My hams just don't seem to be loosening up. They get so sore on leg day that it takes forever to be able to stretch. But obviously women who lift can get flexible because of the fitness competitors that do splits and stuff. I'll keep working at it. I probably need to just do it more often during the day.

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