Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oops! Totally falling behind here!

Ok, last post here was in May? Wow, where'd the time go? I have still been working out and staying consistent. Let's catch up.
Here's my blog for Saturday 5/22/10.
Whooot! I'm feeling good about such a great week. Tomorrow morning is my weigh in day but I don't expect to see a huge loss this week. I was going for 1.5, I think I might just barely reach it but we'll find out in the morning.

Today was back/shoulders/bi's/abs/cardio. I started at 9am, did 3 sets of bobbr's and abs, 1 set of lat pulls and just could not eek out anything else. I knew it was trouble when I struggled to do the rows with just the bar - that's my light weight. So I went and did some other stuff, had some green tea, ate some more food and at 2pm I started up again with more success :)
I did bobbr's, lat pulls, single arm rows & mil bb press all with abs after each set. After that I did intervals on the rbike, then steady state while I finished up some db shoulder press and bi curls. After that I got out some lighter weights and did 21's for lat raises and more bi curls.

Eats are on track. We just drove through chick-fil-a for Jake since we were out so late and let me tell you it smelled SO GOOD. I didn't even nibble on a fry though.
M1 - 1/4c oatmeal, 1/4c wheat bran, 1tsp coconut oil, 1/2 tsp brown sugar; 2 egg whites scrambled
M2 - 3oz chicken, 1/2c tomato sauce, sprinkle of cheddar; brussel sprouts
M3 - kashi go lean, milk, strawberries
M4 - 3oz turkey, 1/2 apple
M5 - prot shake
So today was a really low cal day - ended up with 1159; p-112, c-129, f-31, fiber-35. But tomorrow, muahahaha! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's eats. I have a yummy 2000cal day planned out and my carb grams are at 228, fiber is at 42. Man it's going to be a good day LOL. And that should get me all ready for another week of lower cals and ratios. My "cheat" meal is basically a hamburger and some potato wedges that we'll make for dinner. So not a real cheat but it will be good, and all other meals will be the same as from this week but just bigger portions. Can I say again how much I'm looking forward to those carbs tomorrow! It's also my off day. I will be ready to tackle Monday when it comes around.

Alrighty, gotta go clean the rabbit cage (so fun). Have a fun evening. We'll probably just take it easy as Jake was at a birthday party for 6 hours today playing on a waterslide, bouncy castle and in the pool. He got a new cell phone tonight so he's out playing with that.

Will check in tomorrow with my weight numbers.


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