Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6 Weeks til vacation!

6/1/10 Two bowls of split-plea soup to go, eh!
sorry, a little Strange Brew humor there. Anyone else dorky enough to have watched that movie? Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyhow....

I made split pea soup today - with the yellow ones because I wasn't sure I could stomach looking at the green ones. It was okay but needed some spicing up and I didn't feel like getting back up. But, I did love the numbers on this meal - 12g protein, 30g carbs of which 13g where fiber, 0g fat. Yep, that's one I'm going to keep on hand because getting 13g fiber in one shot is awesome. I'm hitting 44 fiber today.

We went to see Prince of Persia today. Fun movie, lots of action. And we got the early show so only $5 each. So now I'm doing my workout tonight instead. I will give it 100%!

6/3/10 Pushing Through Mentally
Yep, its those days, the tough hormonal ones right as my cycle is about to begin. The scale won't move no matter how clean I've been eating and is actually up instead of maintaining. My body just wants to hang on to that extra water right now. So I KNOW this mentally and am telling myself to just get past this next week and move on and not fret. It just SUCKS being like this at the end of the challenge.

Anyhow, yesterday was double cardio day. Fasted AM walk for an hour. Then last night did tabatas, then ss on the elliptical.

Today was full body before we headed out to the beach. Squats, BP, BOBBR's, Booty Bulgarians, Flyes, Single Arm Lat pulls. I skipped the intervals so we could get going.
We stopped at a little restaurant nearby and had some popcorn shrimp (cheat!!), then played in the ocean for 2 hours. We had 4 dolphins swim by, and one manatee that floated past.
When we got home I got right on the rbike and did intervals for 25minutes. 5min wu, 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy for 16 intervals, then 4 min cool down.

Showered, tanned, and ready to just hang out and relax for the rest of the evening. Besides lunch today eats have been great. Speaking of eats, its time for another meal.

Have a great evening!


6/6/10 - Six weeks til vacation!
We had a lazy day today - which is always a nice break :) Hung out and played games most of the day, Jake & Ted are at the movies right now. I did some laundry (oooh so fun!), dishes, made 2 batches of yogurt (trying fat free with skim milk this time), cooked up some brown rice for the week and got the grocery shopping done. My eats are a bit low today, but I'm not hungry. It's CD1 and just having a not hungry day.

I have 6 weeks left until our week at the beach so I am going to be on top of things through then. I have some daily "extras" that I'm going to be doing to get ready, like daily glute work, extra abs, lunges, and stretching My workouts will be 6 lifting days/week, with some intervals and ss cardio tossed in. And the daily extras. I want to weigh in a few pounds lower than my comfort zone so I have some wiggle room while I'm there :)

We have a figure show in town this weekend so I'm going to go down and watch that on Saturday. Jake will be with my parents and Ted is teaching class that morning so I'm gonna go watch the prejudge, then Ted & I will go back later that night for the show. Maybe it will spark him into a little interest in getting more fit. Maybe. I hope so because I can't seem to motivate him.

Yesterday Jake & I did some geocaching at a local park that is just hills, hills and more hills (FL size hills LOL). Up and down for 90 minutes and we only found 2 of the 4 we were looking for. We had a ton of vines and spiderwebs to go through. Ted had class so he missed out on that one.

Ok, guess that's all. Get in gear to have a successful week!!


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