Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Fitness Catch Up time again!!

Good week this week! I just kept making myself do my workouts. In the morning I would wake up and be like "I'm not going to do it today". But after an hour or two I would just go do it! So here's my week:

50 pullups (I did assisted pullups and chins)
400 m. elliptical
45lb thrusters
800 m. elliptical
45lb thrusters
400 m. elliptical
50 pullups (assisted, some chins, and ended with bent over bb rows 45#)
Time ~ 27:14

"10 for 10" (my own little made up thing) 5 rounds of 10 exercises, 10 reps each, mostly bw.
Walking Lunges
Bi Curls @ 22#
Glute Ham Situps
Tri Exts @ 22#
Flyes 10's
Step Ups
Hammer Curls 10's
Back Exts
Tri Kickbacks 10's
Time ~ 28:42
Plus rbike for 5 miles

"Diane" Reps 21-15-9
135# Deadlifts
Pike Pushups
Time: 8:13
Plus rbike 5 miles

Wed: off. just walked the dog

"Pizza Pie" (400 m. ellip, choose your own two toppings with reps at 21-18-15-12-9-6-3, 400 m. ellip)
400 m. ellip
BP @ 65#
Plate Swings w/10's
400 m. ellip
Time ~ 22:46
Plus rbike 5 miles

"Act your Age" (another thing I made up this morning) Age = reps & time (37 for me). Put together a program and try to complete it within the time given.
Squats @ 95#
BB Bi Curls @ 22#
RDL's @ 95#
Tri Exts @ 22#
Leg Exts @ 90#
Lat Raises w/ 5's (wimp!)
Side Bends w/ 10's
Leg Curls @ 30#
Calf Raises
Ab Adductor V's
Walking Lunges - total steps
Ellip .3 mi ~~~I finished the whole weight workout and then did .3 miles on the ellipt before time was up. Yay!

See ya next week!

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