Friday, September 11, 2009

Weekly Update 9/7 thru 9/11

I'm still going!! Last Friday I just didn't get to my workout. Oh well. I got in my 4/4 that I planned this week. Plus one of the fitness sites I go to has a 12 week challenge going on and this week was 20 minutes of cardio each day. I don't usually do cardio, just haven't felt up to it quite yet. But I've followed through this week.

Monday: Chest/Tri's/Bi's
45x8 wu
65x8x3 with knee ups 8x3

Bench Dips

10's x 10 x 3 with bicycles 16x3

Bi Curls
10's x 10 x 3 with crunches 8x3

Tri Kickbacks
10's x 10 x 3 with knee ups 8x3

Plank Tri Kicksbacks
1 set of 5 each side with 10# - testing this new move out

BB Bicep Curls
32 x 8 x 3 with supermans

SkullCrushers (and yes I hit my skull a few times LOL)
22x8x2 with bicycles 16x3

Cardio - pool volleyball and swimming.

Tuesday: Legs, paired circuits
Squats 95x10
& Leg Curls 20x15x3

Deadlifts 95x10x3
& Step Ups 45x10x3

Extensions 65x10x3
& Calf Raises 95x10x3

Cardio: Bellydance 30 minutes, ballet barre moves 20 minutes

Wednesday: Off. Cardio - racquetball, basketball, swimming 75 minutes.
Wednesday we did a little theme of 9's since it was 09/09/09. We did:
Racquetball to 9 points.
Basketball to 9 points
Swam 9 laps in the pool
9 holes of golf on wii sports
Did 9 races on Mario Kart
Read Psalm 9
Walked .9 miles
Played 9 innings of Mario Sluggers (wii)

Thursday: Back
Lat Pulls 55x6x4
Cable Rows 55x6x4
Upright Rows (cable) 25x6x4
Was busy doing other stuff so didn't finish (made bread, made jelly, strawberry pie, peanut butter)

Friday: Legs, back to heavy lifting again for the next few weeks
95x8 warmup

Romanian Deadlifts

95x8x3 - i really pre-exhausted on those deadlifts. I went down for the first squat and my legs were already so shaky I didn't think I'd be coming back up LOL.

50x10 warmup

Cardio: Barbell Complexes (these are for cardio, not resistance training). Grab a barbell that you can handle for your weakest move in the circuit (for me that is the shoulder press). I just use the bar which is 45 lbs. Go straight down the circuit transitioning from one move into the next without putting down the barbell, and do it 6 times. That is 1 round. You can rest about 30 to 60 seconds after each round. I did 20 minutes worth which ended up being 8 rounds (or 48 reps).
Deadlift to
Shoulder Press to
Squat to
Calf Raise to
Good Morning to
Shoulder Press to
Bent Over Barbell Row

That is it for the week! Except for cardio on Saturday and Sunday which I'm not sure what it will be yet.

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