Friday, October 16, 2009

Oops, falling behind!

Alright, it has been more than a week, but I totally forgot to post here.

Sept 26-Oct 2 I got in two lifting workouts and did some house painting that week.

Oct 3 - 9 I only did two workouts again and some cardio, but we were home all week sick with a fever. Jake was out from Monday afternoon through the whole rest of that week. Lots of blood sugar changes to deal with when he was sick. And we were both exhausted. Not the flu though, yay!

Oct 10 - 16 - This week!
I've been ON this week.
Sun 10/11 - Chest and rbike
Mon 10/12 - Legs w/cardio between sets, alternating rbike & elliptical. short workout but felt it the next day.
Tues - Started a 10 day emergency fitness plan from It's a bit extreme - not for beginners and not for more than 10 days . I'm wanting to lean out a bit for Jess's wedding. Then back to normal workouts. I haven't missed a day this week. Lots of full body workouts, bodyweight wo's and cardio & pilates.

Today was red/white/blue day at Jake's school, wrapping up Spirit week. We had a fun time! I love watching the skits the kids put on in the different classes. His class didn't win this year, but they did a good job!

Ok, my workout and cardio are done, I'm off to do a little pilates and then EAT! (oh, and wash the red, white & blue spray out of my hair too LOL).

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