Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekly(ish) Update 1/4 - 1/12

Here I am, falling behind again on this blog! I think at this point I will just attempt to do a weekly update. Here are my journal entries for 1/4 - 1/12.
1/4: Changing my POA:
I did pretty good last week. I only missed one real workout, which I ended up doing 3 1/2 hours of yardwork in its place so I don't feel like I lost out.

This week is going to be mostly the same. The thing I am changing though is my cardio plan. I was only going to use Dance Central for my cardio. But I've decided that isn't going to be enough because it is going to get boring. I am having fun with it, but I'm getting through the dances a little faster now that I know alot of the moves, so it isn't taking me as long. I did a few songs this morning - almost an hours worth. But that pushed me through 2 new songs, plus some old ones I've done. I don't want to get all the way through the game that fast. That means I need to find more stuff to fill in my cardio time. On that note I've decided to add in any videos that I can stream through netflix. That should give me more variety. I did one this afternoon and I couldn't get through all 45 minutes of it, just 30. It was a dance one and it was fun. I didn't quite grasp all of the moves, but I just kept moving along anyway :)
Tonight I'll do legs and abs during biggest loser. I'm excited to see the new couples starting the show. I'm going to try to like everyone LOL. That's hard for me :) .
Yesterday was upper body and I'm feeling it today! Sunday I did shoulders/bi's/tri's. And I'm keeping up quite well on my new schedule. Now that we're back at school today I need to adjust a little, but it will all work out :)
Have a great day!
1/6: Fantastic Week!
I'm having a great week getting back into the school schedule. My little organization binder is helping me stay on top of things - yay! Workouts are going good, food is going good (not great, but still good), weight is barely dropping, but it is so that's....good. :) It's all good!

Workout breakdown:
Monday - Chest/Back 126.6

BP 45x10, 65x8, 75x6x2

BOBBR 75x8x3

Flyes 15's x 10, 20's x 8 x 2

Rev Flyes 15's x 10, 20's x 8 x 2

Cable Rows 55x10x3

Resist Band Chest Press (standing) Red & Yellow x 10 x 3

Cardio - Dance Central 30 min.

Tuesday - Legs 126.6

Squats 45x10, 65x10x2 (was out watching BL so only squatted what I could shoulder press)

Deadlifts - 65x10, 135x8x3

RDL's - 135x8x3

Exts - 90x10, 100x10x2

Curls - 25x10x3

RB Adductors- Y x 10 x 3 ea

Side Leg Lifts 25 x 15 x 3 ea

Lunges (stationary, forward, backward) 10x3 ea

Cardio - Dance Central 55 min; Dance Video (Crunch dance party) 30 min

Abs - crunches 20x3, rev crunches 15x3, side crunches 10x3 ea

Wed - Off 126.2

Cardio - Dance Central 30 min, Dance Video (crunch dance party)15 min

Thurs - Arms 126.2

Mil BB Press 45x10, 65x6x2

DB Sh Press 15's x 10, 20's x 10 x 2

Lat Raises 15's x 10, 20's x 7, 20's x 8

Front Raises 15's x 8, 20's x 6, 15's x 8

BB Curls 45x10, 55x8, 65x4

DB Curls 15's x 10, 20's x 8 x 2

Tri Pushdowns 55x10x3

Tri Kickbacks 15's x 10 x 3

Cardio - DC 40 min, Dance (crunch dance party 2) 15 min

Abs - Net Video - Killer Abs & back - 20 min (yes, it did kill LOL)

Now I'm going to go hit the shower and maybe get in a little nap before Jake's home from school. Check the garden - it poured this morning and I'm wondering if all my little seedlings washed away. And maybe get in the craft room for some jewelry making.
Have a terrific day!
1/8: It's Your Life
It's your life.... so why live it according to everyone else's expectations? I've been thinking alot this week - that's very dangerous LOL. I do alot of thinking and reflection while I'm gardening. I would say that gardening is the best meditation ever. When I weed I think about weeding junk out of my life, and as I plant and prepare I think about possiblities. This week what has been in my mind is LIVING. Not being afraid to just be who I want to be or do what I want to do. Not caring what everyone else might think of whatever choices I make. There's only ONE who I want to please so I want to live for Him. I've been feeling expectant so far this year, like something is about to happen. I'm not sure what it is, but I just feel I should be ready. I want to be more bold about my life, my faith, my love, my friendships - just put myself out there and risk rejection and failure. Ok, so that's enough of that! :)

Seeing Michelle get her hair done put the bug in my ear about coloring my hair. I'm thinking of going red again for a while. I really love being a redhead and I can pull it off. But I wanted to do something fun, something a little different, maybe a bit bolder. Feb/March I'll probably do the red. But yesterday I decided to put blue tips on the ends of my hair. I've always wanted to do unnatural colors. I missed my chance in high school, then I thought I was too old. Then I decided - who says I'm too old? Why should I care what our society says I can or can't do? Why should I stay in the little box they want me in instead of climbing out and being me? Why should I crawl when I can soar? So I bleached the ends and put on blue. I will probably need to redo it again next week to see if I can get the color to hold a little better.
The pic doesn't show it too well, but there's blue all along my bangs too. They're just curled under. I think it is FUN and definitely something a little different :) .

I almost missed my workout yesterday. I slept in too late, went to the mall to pick up some makeup, spent way too long at the beauty supply store trying to pick my color, then back home to start the process. First I tried it on some hair swatches I cut off so that took an hour to test bleaching and color hold. Then it was several hours of bleaching and dying the hair that was still on my head :) . Then up to mom and dad's to watch Clone Wars with them (finally an episode that wasn't boring politics and peace policies!!). It was 10pm by the time we got home, and I grabbed my weights and dragged them to the family room so I could watch an episode of Lost while I worked out. (we haven't watched the full show yet, just on the final season 6, so no spoilers please!!) I did back/chest.
BOBBR - 45x10, 65x8, 85x6x2

Floor Press - 45x10x2, 65x10x2

Rev flyes - 15's x 10, 20's x 8 x 2

Flyes - 15's x 10, 20's x 8 x 2

RB Lat Pulls - All bands x 15 x 3

Pike Pushups - 10 x 3

RB Rows - all x 15 x 3

RB Standing chest press - red/yellow x 10 x 3

Abs - crunches 15x3, rev crunches 15x3, side twists 15 x 3 ea
That was it. No cardio or anything. Some chips and dip up at my moms, and ate the tex-mex bean salad around midnight so weight was up this AM. 126.6 again. I think it will finally start to drop this coming week. I'm getting past ovulation and expect to see some drastic number drops in the next week.
1/12: Brrrr!
Its just getting too cold here again in FL. Supposed to be 29 tonight- yuck! I just went out and covered my seedlings that have sprouted so they don't die.

Workouts for the past few days:
Monday Upper 126.0

BP 45x15; 65x10; 75x6x2; 45x15

DBBP 20's x 10 x 3

Flyes 20's x 8 x 3

BOBBR - 45x10, 65x10x2

Rev flyes - 15's x 10; 20's x 8 x 2

Cable Rows 55x10x3

Tuesday Legs - 125.6

Squats - 95x10; 115x10; 135x10

DL's 135x10; 155x8; 185x6; 135x10

RDL's 135x8x2

Exts 90x10x3

Curls 25x10, 35x8, 45x6

RB adductors - yellow x 10 x 3 ea

side leg lifts 25x15x3 ea

45 min ellip

Video - 10 minute solutions pilates abs

Today is arms, will do that during the movie tonight. Tonight is also $5 bang bang shrimp from Bonefish. I love that! Its our every other Wed dinner.

Wt - 125.6 again - not bad since i went out to lunch with mom & sis, then ate the leftovers for dinner.

Mil BB Press

DB Shoulder Press

Lat Raises

Front Raises

BB Bi curls

DB Bi curls

Tri Exts

Tri Kickbacks


Cardio? I've done about 25 min dancing so far today, not sure if i'll do anything else tonight.

I went back to bed this morning about 8:30, I felt drained and exhausted. I woke up at 11:30! Yikes, I wasn't planning on sleeping that long but I guess I needed it. Tomorrow is an off day for weights, and I'll probably do some cardio. Mom and I were going to go walk in the morning but neither of us are cold weather people so I don't think we're going to.

Have a great evening,

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