Sunday, February 20, 2011

Update 1/22 - 1/31

1/22: What Rest Day?
3 AM - blood sugar check since Jake took some insulin at bedtime snack

6 AM - wake Jake up for insulin and breakfast

11:00 AM - 3:30 PM - paint at grandparents house, up and down the ladder all day again.

3:30 PM - 5:30 PM - yardwork, paint mailbox, haul border stones around

5:30 to 6:00 - clean up, shower, get ready to head to parents house for dinner. i'm in my comfy fuzzy eyeore pants and fluffy robe - very dressy, hehe.

It has just been a non-stop day. My parents are getting pizza tonight. Yep, I'm eating it! Might as well get it out of my system because there will be no pizza during the next 10 weeks.

Tomorrow is stats & pics. I'm sure I'll be a puffy mess from the pizza and stuff (cheesecake last night). But that's okay, they're BEFORE pics LOL. It'll just make the afters look better :) .

Gotta run, time to chow down and relax and hang out after a long busy day.


1/23- The Rally Room - SuperStar Success Challenge 2011 - Starting Stats:
Starting weight - 126.6. CD - 26
Shoulders (relaxed) 40 1/2
Chest 34 3/4 relaxed, 36 1/2 flexed
Waist 27 1/4
Hips 36 1/2
Thi Hi - 20 3/4
Thi Lo - 18 1/4
Calves 12 1/2
Bi's 10 1/2 relaxed, 11 flexed

Starting Thoughts:

1. Do you remember how great you both physically and mentally when you were at your peak physical condition? When was that?There are a few times I have been at my best physically. The first was after my initial online training with Michelle back in 2007. The most recent was this past Sept & Oct for my competitions.
Mentally I am at my best RIGHT NOW. I have been feeling great mentally ever since making the decision to get on stage. Jesus has totally been working in me these past few months - well actually he always has been, But I'm feeling it spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I love how I feel each day. I am thankful for each day.

2. List 3 specific things (solutions) you have to change about your current daily habits to attain results like that again?

More water. I am really lacking in water during this cold weather. I keep saying that and I need to make it happen.
Less treats. I need to make more of the healthy treats from my EFL book instead of going out for cheesecake LOL.
Have easy to make food on hand. If I can throw together a spinach tortilla or something easy I am more likely to eat healthy than if I have to make a more complicated meal.
3. What is your #1 goal for the next 10 weeks? What is the #1 solution you must stay focused upon in order to attain that goal?
My number one focus for the next week is to work on my abs. I really dislike ab work. I do it, but I feel that it is a waste of time and I will skip it to work other areas. While I generally have nice abs when I am lean I have never actually had the 6 pack look. That is what I want to work on. Solution? Just get it done. No excuses, just do it and move on.
Other Goals:
Work on my shoulders & arms still. I'm seeing some improvement
Lost 7 pounds - totally doable in 10 weeks
Raise the Titanic as Julie says! :)
Do all of that on a relaxed schedule of only 4 lifting days a week.

1/24 - Day 1 SSS
Ok, Day 1 was not stellar. But it could have been worse :) I already posted my eats over in the clean eats challenge. Have I made it even one day clean yet on that? Ugh.

Today was another busy one.
Worked on some jewelry this morning.
Then headed over to grandparents to do touch up paint from what the rest of the family did on Sunday.
After two hours of that it was up to Lowe's for soil & mulch for all of the plants and pots we bought.
Then to the grocery store & meat market.
After that it was home to unload, put away, grab a bite to eat, then out to the yard. I planted and mulched for 3 1/2 hours today. Yesterday was about 2-3 hours. I can't even remember LOL. The yard is looking pretty though :)
After that it was clean up, eat dinner in about 1 minute, then up to the school for PTM.
Wish I was done but then once we got home I had to make the protein powder mousse pie so it would be ready when snack time hit me. Gotta be prepared!
Then I did my workout, and in between sets I loaded and unloaded (in reverse) the dishwasher.

Today was chest
BP 45x10, 65x8, 75x6, 85x2, 65x10
Inc BP 45x10x3
DBBP 20's x 10 x 3
DB Flyes 20's x 8 x 3
Resist Band Horiz Push Press - Red & Blue x 10 x 3

Was going to do cardio, but honestly after 3 hours of yardwork and all that other stuff I am beat. I'm boosting so I'll take the lifting workout and be happy with it. I will do some abs while we watch a show in a bit.

that's all. i'm off to relax a bit :)


1/27: Birthday Weights
Ted & Jake got me a pair of 25# db's for my birthday. I am so excited! I have really missed those since I sold off my last set of db's a few years back. Ted has been very hesitant to get me weights for a gift - worried that it is like giving appliances (there was a tough lesson for him when he got me a vacuum our first Christmas. I had to set things straight if we were going to have happy holidays in the future LOL). But I told him I would LOVE weights for gifts. More than jewelry. So yay! I have some 25's again. I can't wait for Friday when I do shoulders/bi's & tri's. I've been wanting to use 25's for my lat raises and bi curls. The Kettlebell is just too awkward for those moves. And I'll probably work them in tomorrow for reverse flyes during my back workout.

Weight was up today. I ate clean yesterday so I'm sure it is the leg workout and the fact that CD2 came on very hard. Lots of bloat & cramps. Eats today were okay - they're over in the eats forum post and I'm too lazy to go get them :)

I relaxed most of the day. Went to Jake's basketball game - he scored twice so that was cool. Then came home, made dinner and got a huge craving for a birthday dessert. But nothing sounded good and I ended up eating oreos. Oh well. Jake & Ted got ice cream from the little ice cream place down the road. Actually the dog got a pup cup too. She goes crazy when we drive in there.

We watched The Expendables tonight which was extremely boring and stupid. I ended up browsing the app store on the ipad. Not even playing anything, just browsing the store, that's how bored I was.

Last night did Legs during Biggest Loser.

Squats 45x10x3. I felt my back twinge on the first set so I didn't even bother adding more weights. Just used it as warmup.
Deadlifts 45x10, 135x8x3, 1 set of db dl's 20s x 10
RDL's 135x8x3
Bulgarians BW x 10 x 2 ea
Exts 90x10x2, 115x10
Leg Curls 25x10x3
Resist Band Adductors - Blue x 10 x 3 ea
Lying Leg Raises 25x15x3 ea
Calf Raises 45's x 10, 20's x 10

Then the elliptical for an episode of Buffy, so about 40 minutes.

A little bit of dancing today for cardio but pretty laid back. It's my off day so I'm happy with that :)

Catch ya later!


1/31 On to Week 2!
Last week was a bust. I was all over the place with workouts and eats - TOTALLY hormones. I did do my weights every day, but I think only 2 cardio sessions. Lets not even talk about the birthday cake. Ok, lets talk about it - 3 pieces, and I'm talking the corners with the big frosting flowers on them!! However, I'm feeling so good today and ready to attack it.

Got up and had my crockpot oatmeal and then did a yoga program that I streamed from Netflix. I generally don't do yoga stuff because I hate all the spiritual junk involved, so I'm picky about which ones I do. I have a sports yoga from the place I got my PT cert and I like that one. The one this morning was pretty good - mostly focusing on stretching which was exactly what I was looking for. I needed an easy wakeup and I have been so tight from all of the painting and planting last week. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and then fell asleep LOL.

Food is going okay. The actual contents have been great, its just that with the little nap and then the grocery trip i haven't gotten enough food in. It was breakfast at 6:30am and then lunch at 2pm. More of a gap than I'd like.

POA for the week:
Think I'll do the yoga-stretch program every morning

Mon - chest/abs/cardio - i think a run outside tonight.
Tues - legs/abs/cardio (ss)
Wed- abs/cardio
Thurs - Back/abs/cardio
Friday - Arms/cardio
Saturday - active rest
Sunday - active rest, maybe some ss ellip while watching a show (lazy cardio)

Yep, its a cardio week for me! I need to really step things up after my bad week last week. I'm also going to do some of the other streaming workout programs that I have in my queue. They're not really cardio, but they're not weights either. They're just...extras I guess. Gonna do the booty one this week :)

Ok, I'm off to check out the burlap coffee sacks that I ordered. Going to put them on my plant shelves and maybe frame some. I will put up pics soon of the new kitchen decor because if I wait til its done it may be next year LOL. I still want more metal wall art and some vintage coffee grinders for the plant shelves. But no $$$ to spend right now :) . So I'll at least put up pics of the new paint job and what I do have up.

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