Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekly(ish) Update ~ 1/13 - 1/21

Next Update! Probably the last one for today. Then tomorrow I will try to finish up through January. If the weekly thing goes well I will try to break it up into 2x/week and see if I can be consistent with that.
1/13: Eat, Eat, Eat & Be Lazy
This cold weather is making me eat too much. I just want to eat warm yummy stuff and not drink my water. I wouldn't be surprised if the scale read almost 130 tomorrow morning. I know its not real pounds, I was just 125 yesterday, but still !!! It's got to stop. So my goal tomorrow is to eat clean. I've got the stuff here, I'm just not interested in it.

I also skipped my arm workout yesterday and haven't done it today. I think I need to make my off day on Wed, and move wed stuff to Thurs. I keep running out of energy on Wednesdays, its a busy day for us with Jake's basketball and stuff. I may even still get the arm workout in tonight, so I'm not totally writing that off. But no cardio today either. I wanted to be a complete slug and just snuggle.
I did go to the new bingo place with my mom today. I thought that would be fun. The last time I played was about 15 years ago. They opened up a little bingo place about 5 minutes from my house so we checked it out. The problem is I can't take the cigarette smoke. My eyes were all dry and I felt dehydrated after about 20 minutes in there. My throat was so sore. It was odd too because last time I played we had paper sheets and ink daubers to mark them. The ones today were the old style cardboard boards and chips. If you bought more "cards" you got an electronic thing, but I didn't want to spend that much money. We stayed about an hour and it was fun, but can't take the smoke. Neither of us won, but we did come close a few times. Too bad they don't have any non-smoking hours or days.
Okay here it is again. Tomorrow's goals:
Eat clean! No treats at all. Not even a piece of chocolate

Workout! Get in some good cardio and and upper body workout

Drink water! Add some herbal tea to help meet the quota, stay warm inside :)

Alrighty all, have a great night :)

1/15: Revamping my plan, Again
k, I've decided I need to pull back a bit on my workouts for a few months. All too soon I'm going to need to hit it extra hard for summer competitions so a little break will be good. For the next 2 months I'm going to drop down to a less intense schedule. Monday Chest, Tuesday Legs, Thursday Back, Friday Arms. Right now I'm working out 6 days a week, hitting each part twice a week. Moving to four days a week and only hitting each part once will give me more down time and more recovery time (physically and mentally). And more importantly i won't feel burned out when it comes time to get serious.

I'm proud to report I did great yesterday on my eats. No treats at all. If anything I did fall short a meal due to taking a really long nap in the afternoon. But I feel good about how i did. The scale was nice too and the fluff pounds were gone. I'm back down to 125.6. And I'm going to run with Julie's idea about another clean eats challenge. I know many of us are struggling so maybe a 2 week eats post to stay accountable.
I got in a good upper body workout yesterday, but no cardio other than running down to the park to check on the plane in the tree. I don't think I wrote about that here, but last weekend Ted flew Jake's new RC plane into a tall pine tree and got it stuck. It's about 80 feet up at the top and hooked on a limb so even in the wind it just blows like a flag but doesn't fall. We've tried shooting rope on an arrow to get up over the lowest branch, which is 30ft, maybe 40ft up. Then I was going to climb the rope, but we couldn't get the rope to fall over the other side of the branch, not enough weight. Then we built a huge pole out of pvc pipe but it got to bendy and started wiggling all over the place. Next Jake & I tried to throw tennis balls at it but I can't throw anywhere near 80ft up LOL. Anyway, I think it's trapped until we get a huge storm.
Alright, gonna find something to do today. Probably chores, and a nice geocache hike tomorrow. Weather is beautiful today, almost 70.
1/19: Beautiful Day!
It was so nice today, in the 70's. I love that!

I did garden work for about 90 minutes - weeding, prepping beds, digging and filling, mixing compost, thinning plants, stuff like that. Growth so far is peas, onions, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, radishes, cabbage, 2 lettuce types, and I think the carrots are poking through. There are a frew things I've planted that haven't made an appearance, the watermelon and some of the other lettuces, i think the romaine is being stubborn. So hopefully we won't have any more freezes. I'm trying really hard to stay on top of the garden this year.

I also did about 30 minutes raking out front because our stupid HOA sent a letter. We just raked but the leaves fell again and they sent a dumb letter. I was SO mad. I really can't stand having these property police come by and nitpick about every little thing. I also have to clean the mailbox (it was getting a bit dirty so I get that one). And they sent a notice about our fence needing to be all one color. Well we are replacing it and we've done the front section and part of the side so of course the new boards are looking great, but the old ones are still old. And we can't afford to do it all at once so we're buying a few boards and replacing on the weekends. That just pissed me off that they would send me a notice about it. So I'm really mad and grumpy right now and trying to get over it.

I had two good workouts so far this week. I am loving my new schedule. Glad I was off today for the other stuff that needed doing and for Jake's basketball game.

Monday - Chest (128.6, eek)

BP 45x12, 65x10, 75x8, 65x10, 45x12

Inc BP 45x10x4

Inc DBBP 15's x 10, 20's x 10

Flat DBBP 20's x 8 x 2

Inc Flyes 15's x 8 x 2

Flyes (flat) 15's x 8 x 2

RB Horiz Press - Red & Blue x 10 x 4

Cardio - 1 hour kinect games with Jake

Tuesday - Legs (128.8- yikes! the burger and fries killed me...)

DB DL's 20's x 12 x 4

KB Swings 25x15x4

Bulgarians BW x 10 x 3 ea

Ext's 90x10x4

Curls 25x10x3

RB Adductor - Blue x 12 x 3 ea

Lying Leg Lifts 25x15x3 ea

Cardio - 16 min ellip

I had no energy left for cardio. Monday I base coated the kitchen and Tuesday I spent almost 6 hours painting it with the new colors. It was up and down the ladder all day long. I'm changing it up from spices to coffee shop. I have tons of cute coffee wal art on my bday list so I'm not putting up any pics until I get it totally decorated. I'm watching ebay right now for some old vintage coffee grinders to put up on the plant shelves, and some burlap coffee sacks to stuff with paper and put up there too. I need to get some warm lights though. I hate these cfl's.

Tomorrow my grandparents are moving up here from Ft. Myers. I'm so happy. Now I can see them more often without having to board the dog and find a weekend where Ted is off and we can go down there.

Ok, that's enough this blog is getting long. Catcha later!
1/21: Rest Days
woke up yesterday with a swollen gland on the right side of my neck and my right ear feeling stuffy/clogged. Other than feeling a bit run down I don't feel sick at all. No sinus issues, no coughing or sore throat. I was very "out of it" yesterday. I kept forgetting things and felt generally fuzzy brained. So I just did a rest day. I want to start the next contest off good, not worn out. Then last night I had a fever and was hovering around 101. Today was the same - minus the fever - so I got some errands done and played some basketball with Jake, but no workout again.

I plan to rest all weekend. Well, rest meaning that I'm doing a bunch of yardwork and helping my grandparents paint their new place, but no lifting or real cardio.

So no workotus to report. Eats are weird. I was so on the go today that I've only eaten one clementine and two reese's pb cups and its almost 6pm. I slept in late to get as much rest as possible. Then I made lunch and got dinner in the crockpot but didn't have time to actually eat the lunch LOL. Yesterday I did well all day until Ted brought home a hot apple pie from McD's.

I think my weight is 127ish. I weighed in twice today because I couldn't remember what my weigh in was at 6am. So I weighed in again at 11am. And now I still can't remember what it was LOL, but i think around high 126/127. See what I mean about fuzzy brained? LOL.
Ok, I'm going to go eat some dinner finally. Have a great weekend!

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