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Weekly Updates 2/2/11 - 2/10/11

2/2/11: Great Day!
It was so nice outside today - 80 degrees, blue sky, pretty clouds. Too bad I was indoors most of the day catching up on housework stuff, painting and decorating.

I had a super leg workout tonight. I did some pre-exhaust sets and then quite a bit of single leg work. I like to add that in every so often. Not just for balance, but because it really keeps the heart rate up to have to basically do all of your sets twice.

Tuesday Workout Stuff:

AM - yoga 30 minutes

Afternoon - Dance 50 minutes

PM - Weights

Single Leg Exts - 45x10x4 each
DB Squat & Press - 15's x 6 x 2 (back felt funky, finished up with DB deads)
DB DL's - 15's x 15, 20's x 12, 25's x 10
Single Leg Squats - BW x 6 x 3 each
Single Leg RDL's (each leg) - 15's x 12, 20's x 10, 25's x 8
Bulgarians - 15's x 6 x 3 ea (first time I've been able to use weights in months without bothering my back)
RB Adductors - Blue x 15 x 3 each
Side Lying Leg Lifts - 25 x 12 x 3 each

Elliptical 30 minutes

It was an active day! I think I'll enjoy my day off tomorrow, besides the yoga and cardio thing.

Yesterday was good. Monday Workout Stuff:
Did 30 min yoga. Ran/walked 1.5 miles with Jake.
Then Chest workout:
BP 45x10, 65x8, 45x10;
DBBP 15's x 10, 20's x 10, 25's x 8;
Flyes 15's x 10, 20's x 6 x 2; Inc
DB BP 15's x 10, 20's x 10, 25's x 8;
Pushups (knees) 10x3;
DB Pullovers 15x10, 20x10x2.
Then elliptical while watching an episode of Dr. Who - so about 45 min. Prior to that I had done some pilates abs & glute work for about 30 minutes.

Weight is up today. We'll see how it goes the rest of the week. I do tend to go up a tiny bit around days 9-11, but not a whole lot.


2/3/11: Weight's going up
Ah, the lovely battle with the scale! I've been eating great since Monday, done my workouts and cardio every day, and the scale is climbing. I'm up to 127.6 today. I'm not upset though. I know if I keep up the good eating and workouts and follow through for the next few weeks it will change direction. I have 9 weeks to lose 8 pounds. Once I get my groove on there'll be no stopping me :)

Today I did a bunch of garden work. Things are growing again out there and that makes me happy :)

On the schedule today is Back, and some cardio. Not sure what I'll do for that today. Maybe run down to the park with Jake and do some basketball. I hope no one else is down there, i love to let the dog just run around while we play. We had a huge storm last week and that dumb plane didn't budge. I think its gonna stay there unless we can get a cherry picker down there.

Last night I did 30 minutes on the elliptical, but that was the extent of my workouts for the day (besides AM yoga sesion). That's okay, it was my off day! :)

Today I skipped the yoga and went back to sleep. I only got about 4 hours last night and needed some more.

Ok, Jake's home. Gonna head out!

2/5/11: A little jumpstart
This weekend I'm doing a protein / veggies / fruit plan to give myself a little jump start. I'm halfway through this first day and I feel pretty good about it - no headache or shakiness or moodiness. I wanted to post it so that I'd be more likely to follow through with it. Oh, and a little coconut oil for fat, or some olive oil on my salad - gotta keep some fat in there :)

Mentally I also feel great about how it is going. It's making me feel like I do have some control over my diet a little better. The first week of the challenge I didn't do well on the eating front. This past week I really improved although it wasn't perfect. But today I feel mentally ready to really dig in and eat clean.

This next week I'm going to eat as if I'm prepping for a contest. Then the week after when I'm boosting I'm going to relax the diet again for those 2 weeks. My overall goal will be to treat every buffing period as a strict contest prep, and I will follow through with that. :)

That's all! I cut my hair yesterday, just took four inches off the bangs so that I actually have some right now. Its kinda weird having them again, but I'll get used to it. I did my hair 60's style last night when we went out to dinner, that was fun. So I'm thinking maybe a 1960's themed photo shoot at the end of this contest.

2/8/11: Great Start
My week is off to a great start! The 'jump start' worked well this weekend. I was 130.2 on Saturday morning (dinner out Fri night) and I was 125.6 on Monday - yay! My weight will probably go up a bit this week as I eat more cals and carbs, but not nearly as high as it was getting. My goal is to be under 125 by Sunday. Might happen, might not, but I'll give it my best!

Yesterday's eats were very good, and I got in a nice workout. And here is where I say - AGAIN - that I'm changing my routine. Just 2 weeks ago I changed it to be more relaxed. Well that gives me only one leg day a week and let me tell you my legs are getting squooshy. Not squishy as in fat, but squooshy as in my muscles are not nearly as hard. I like that hard quad feeling! So it's back to 5 days a week. The thing is, I really loved having an "arm" day so that on my other days of lifting I focused only on the big muscle. But that's not going to work. And if I do back/shoulders/bi's then inevitably I'm run down by the time it gets to bi's and they don't get done. So I'm going to try - chest/tri's, back/bi's, legs/shoulders. And my thought is that I'll do legs in the AM, and shoulders in the PM. Because everything with shoulders that I do can be done while watching a movie with the family. If I have time and energy i'll do it all at once. If not, I'll do shoulders at night. So let's see how that goes! Actually any of my days can go like that with the auxilliary stuff. I'm open to fitting it in however I can (except for early morning, I don't believe in "early" LOL)

Okay, onto the workouts.

Monday - Chest

Inc BP

20's x 10,
25's x 10 x 2

Db Flyes
15's x 10,
20's x 8,
15's x 10

Abs - 20 minutes, various
Elliptical intervals, 21 min

Tuesday - Legs/Shoulders
Squats -

BB Lunges - walking - 5 forward, 5 backward
BW x 10 x 5




Then tonight during Biggest Loser I'll do:
Adductor - Resist band (blue) x 15x3 ea
Lying Leg Lifts - 25x15x3 ea
Mil BB Press (behind)
DB Shoulder Presses
Lat Raises
Front Raises
SS Ellip

Today's eats started off bad, got better, got not so good, will end perfect! :)

Alrighty, I'm off to do something, probably get dinner ready. Have a GREAT evening.


2/10/11: Booty Jiggle
Wow, I have some serious booty jiggle going on. I really need those lunges this week! Which, by the way, I totally spaced on yesterday. So I'm doing 200 today to make up for it.
Anyway, I was putting on some tanner because I am extremely pasty right now and when it got to doing my backside I was surprised at how... unfirm it was. I didn't think my pics were that bad at the beginning of the challenge, but I'm beginning to think I was slightly blinded to myself. That means it is time to get a little tighter than I have been. I haven't done great on the 'competition strict' eats this week, but they haven't been bad eats either beyond one small meal's worth (half a bagel and some snickers bite size). Weight jumped up right after my jump start, then it began dropping again, so I feel good about the direction I'm going. I just need to be patient and keep making those better choices.

Tuesday night I finished up my shoulder workout with:
Mil BB Press - 45x12x3
DB Sh Press - 20's x 8, 25's x 6 x 2, 20's x 8
Lat Raises - 15's x 10, 20's x 8, 25's x 6, 15's x 10
Front Raises - 15's x 8, 20's x 6, 25's x 4, 15's x 8
Then did Elliptical for 30 minutes, and abs for 25 minutes

Wednesday was Back/Bi's day:
Chin Ups (band assist) 4, 6; Pullups (band assist) 5, 6
Lat Pulls 55x6, 75x6x2
Cable Rows 75x6x3
BOBBR 45x10, 65x10x2
Rev Flyes 15's x 10, 20's x 8, 25's x 6
Rev Grip BOBBR 65x8x3
BB Bi Curls 45x8x3
DB Bi Curl 15's x 8, 20's x 6, 25's x 4
Conc Curls 15 x 4 ea (while in squat position)
Elliptical Intervals 20 min, plus 10ss
Abs- 10 min

Today is my day off! Yay :) I did Dance Central for 60 minutes today. Did all of the songs I've unlocked on hard, then did 3 more levels of new songs (breaking it down, then performing). That was fun! I wanted to do more but I needed to get in the shower and get moving on the day. Lunges only at 20 so far, but plenty of day to get them all in.

Ok, gotta go find some food. I'm hungry!


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