Wednesday, May 19, 2010

3 Days done - 100%

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday were all 100% days. I ate clean, I got my weights in, and some cardio.
Sunday's Workout:
I gave it 100%. I felt a little weak and tired, and at a few points I thought I might skip a few exercises, but I pushed through and did it.

Warm up rbike 10 minutes, abs between each set
BP 45x10x2 wu, 65x10x3
Inc DBBP 20's x 10 x 3
Inc Flyes 15's x 10 x 3
CGBP 45x10x3
Skullcrushers 45x8, 7, 6
Tri Kicksbacks 15's x 10 x 3
Tabatas on rbike 4min wu, 4 min hard intervals, 4 min cd
30min elliptical ss in PM.

I only got 5 hours of sleep Sunday night and it was dreary and rainy here Monday. That makes it hard for me to get moving (and its going to be hard to tan in the rain LOL, haha). But I DID IT!! (the workout, not tanning in the rain!)

It was leg day. I had a big old list of stuff written down. I looked at it and was like, "what was I thinking???". Well, when I wrote it I was thinking about kicking tail these two weeks, so I went through with it.
Squats 45x10wu, 95x10, 115x10x2
Deadlifts 95x10x3
Booty Bulgarians 20's x 5 x 3 ea leg
SLDL's 95x10x3
Leg Exts 65x10x3
Walking Lunges 20's x 10 x 3
KB Swings 25x10x3
Ball Ham Curls 10x3
All with abs between sets, and the last four exercises with calves after the abs. Plus a little warmup on the elliptical. I did have to lower my weights some today, but not a big deal, as long as I get it done and make each rep count. And I did. PM was 1/2 mile walk warmup (and to test my shin, which felt good). Then 5-6 sets of sprints outside.

I took some pics Monday morning for the start of my mini two week 100% challenge. Really, really hope to see some good changes in just 2 weeks. That would give me tremendous momentum to keep going hard if I can drop a few pounds of fat and get my abs flat again. I feel good about it already, so I guess we'll just see in 2 weeks how it went.

3 days going strong - whoohoo! I'm just focusing on one day at a time and today was great.

I got my back workout in during biggest loser which really helped it fly by. Abs between all sets.

BOBBR's 65x10x3
Single Arm Rows 25x10x3
Rev Flyes 15's x 10 x 3
Cable Rows 65x10x3
Mil BB Press 45x10x3
DB Shoulder Press 20's x 5, then 15's x 5, 3 sets
Front Raises 21's x 10#, 3 sets - burn!!
Bi Curls 20's x 5, then 15's x 5, 3 sets
Hammer Curls 20s x 5, then 15s x 3, 1 set
Cardio - 30 min intervals on elliptical
Stretching 15 min

Eats are on target.
M1 - 1/2c oatmeal w/ .5tbsp coconut oil, pinch of brown sugar; 1/2c milk; 1 whole egg & 1 white scrambled
M2 - spinach tortilla w/ 1.5c spinach, 3 oz chicken breast, 1/2 c broc, 1 tbsp blue cheese dressing
M3 - 2oz tuna, green pepper slices (4oz)
M4 - 3oz steak, 1/2c brown rice, 4 huge brussel sprouts
M5 - protein shake w/flax seed, 4oz strawberries

Monday was almost the same except I had 1/2 turkey sandwich in the afternoon. Sunday was really good too - only had 49g carbs on that day? Probably because I slept so late, but I didn't feel hungry so just went with it.
Took more pics today of the cute board shorts I want to fit into by the time we go on vacation in July. I can get them on and tie them (doesn't look great though), but can't get them snapped. That's my goal. I'm not looking for a specific number on the scale so much as being able to fit comfortably into some of the clothes that I have.

Have a great one!

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